PVC buckle plate ceiling and purchasing skills

PVC plastic buckle ceiling material, is based on PVC resin, adding a certain amount of anti-aging agents, modifiers and other additives, after mixing, rolling, vacuum plastic and other processes made.

This kind of PVC plastic buckle ceiling is especially suitable for ceiling decoration of kitchens and bathrooms. It has the advantages of light weight, moisture resistance, heat insulation, non-flammable, dust-free, easy to clean, paintable, easy to install, and low price.

There are many varieties of PVC plastic buckle ceiling patterns. The available color varieties are: milky white, beige, lake blue, etc.; patterns are: silk flowers, peach, bear bamboo, Yunlong, lattice flowers, parquet and so on.

When choosing to purchase PVC plastic gussets, the appearance is firstly required to be beautiful and smooth; secondly, smelling plates, such as with a strong irritating odor, are harmful to the body, and odor-free and safe product ceilings should be selected. The production or distribution unit may be required to present its inspection report, and special attention shall be paid to the eligibility of the oxygen index. It must be greater than 30 to facilitate fire protection. Based on factors such as the location of installation, personal preference, and the coordination of the environment, select the pattern of the flower that is suitable for your home decorating board.

Panel purchase experience on decorative bathroom ceiling materials bathroom ceiling

Soda Ash

Soda Ash use in glass, paper, rayon, soaps, and detergents. It is also used as a water softener.

Soda Ash is a food additive (E500) used as an acidity regulator, anticaking agent, raising agent, and Stabilizer.

Soda Ash is also used in the production of sherbet powder.

Soda Ash is used by the brick industry as a wetting agent to reduce the amount of water needed to extrude the clay.

In casting, Soda Ash is referred to as "bonding agent" and is used to allow wet alginate to adhere to gelled alginate.

Soda Ash is used in toothpastes, where it acts as a foaming agent and an abrasive, and to temporarily increase mouth pH.

Soda Ash is used by the cotton industry to neutralize the sulfuric acid needed for acid delinting of fuzzy cottonseed.

Soda Ash

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