Power steering pump daily conservation tips

There are many forms of power steering systems in automobiles, but most of the vehicles nowadays adopt hydraulic power steering systems. In the daily use, what are the conservation tips that should be paid attention to when using and maintaining hydraulic power steering pumps? Today we come to a detailed look. In general, during normal use and maintenance, the hydraulic power steering pump, the need to pay attention to the following points: Hydraulic power steering pump 1 hydraulic power steering pump in the use of attention to select the correct type of booster oil, or Will affect the power steering pump work efficiency and service life. 2. Often check the use of booster oil, the use of booster oil must be kept clean. Regular replacement of booster oil, the owner of self-help when the oil must be equipped with filtration devices. 3. If the car is stopped for a long time, do not immediately work at full capacity when it is restarted. At least 10 minutes should be left idle to allow the oil and other fluids to reach the normal working condition before driving.

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