Potato fertilization technology points

The potato is a high yield and is a kind of hi-fertilizer sulfur crop. The most demanding of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients in the growth of potatoes many. Nitrogen followed by less phosphorus. Experiments show that the production per 1000 kg of potato tubers, the nitrogen absorption will take about 5 kg, 2 kg phosphorus, potassium 10 kg, a sulfur 1 kg, 1 kg calcium, magnesium, 1 kg; potato production cycle During the period, when the potato is in the potato, it needs a peak of fertilizer. In general Mushi manure 4000 --5000 kg basis, Mushi nitrogen 13 - 15 kg of pure phosphorus 8--10 kg of pure potassium 10--12 kg. In the potato tuber of spraying foliar 2--3 times. Do not apply potassium chloride and chlorine Sub-composite fertilizer.
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