Plate furniture is concerned with low prices

a€?There may be a lot of difference in price. Many customers think that this furniture has been greatly discounted. In fact, big brands of furniture generally do not do a lot of discounts, mainly on the sheet.a€? Salesperson explained Although different plates, they are all environmentally friendly materials. Imported plates have a more natural surface texture and lighter flavours; domestic plate lines are more rigid and the taste may be heavier.

In the Oriental Huimei Home Plaza, Nettlea€?s salesman told us that many furniture is now made of imported plates, so the price will be higher. Now that the market is not good, when introducing furniture, they will also take the initiative to introduce furniture for domestic plates, first attract customers with prices, and then explain material issues later.

It is understood that many brands now emphasize the use of imported plates, which adds a lot of costs. After the market became cold, many manufacturers invited the domestic plate back to the company's salesman, who often said: a€?The affordable price of domestic plates can attract many peoplea€?s attention. Customers can buy brand furniture and get Affordable, plus many stores on weekends will do some activities, many customers are willing to choose this time to buy furniture."

Don't be afraid of cheap after-sales service

"Last weekend their furniture was selling well. You see now people go to the empty building." In a home store in the east, the sales staff of the red apple furniture pointed to a furniture exhibition area called "Ideal Space" and told that there are many Businesses will use the weekend stores to do activities, clearance sale discounts as low as 20%, but then these businesses disappeared without a trace.

Last week, Ms. Zhou, who had just purchased a€?ideal spacea€? furniture at the store, told me, a€?Last weekend, I was hit with a discount. After the 6-piece wardrobe was finished, it was only around 3,000 yuan. At that time, I paid 50% of the money. Today, I came to the sofa. You can see that the entire ideal space has been moved and is now worried about whether furniture can be delivered on time."

Don't just discount the actual price of the discount

The same solid wood cabinet, the price of two home stores can be a difference of 1,000 yuan, but the price is almost the same after the discount. Many consumers will think that the lower the discount, the more they can get benefits. In fact, the actual price is the most important.

A grand exhibition hall in a home store in the eastern part of the country saw the brand's European furniture being discounted. A set of four sets of bedrooms will cost as little as RMB 1 million. This price is definitely worth the money. The sales staff told that the market is not good now, so they plan to refurbish the store, so they are only discounted, and they can also participate in the lottery of the store for over 1000 yuan. When asked, such a low price will not lose money, the sales staff just smiled and said that if you buy more you can also hit a 10% off on this basis.

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