Paint wall stickers can change the wall shape decoration

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After 80, it has become the main force of buying a house. Different from the previous group of buying houses, the 80s have their own unique judgments in many aspects such as decoration materials, design plans and home decoration. And they have more hands-on ability, prefer to transform themselves, an empty wall, through their DIY, is a unique wall.

Most vivid: paint

Now most of the paints can be provided with color matching. The colorful colors on the color card can be modulated by the color machine, but don't think that the color tone will be exactly the same as that on the color card, due to the wall, light and temperature. For reasons such as humidity, the color of the color card and the paint may have a color difference.

If you think that all the walls are too monotonous in the same color, you can choose the corresponding color according to the function of the space, such as the kitchen is suitable for yellow, the bathroom is suitable for blue, the bedroom and the living room are suitable for warm colors; you can also design your own pattern. Draw a draft map on the wall and paint it with paint. However, it is important to note that you should not use too many colors, which is a burden on your eyes.

When buying paint, in addition to whether the outer packaging of the paint is intact, it depends on the environmental standards it meets. It is usually printed on the can body. It can also require the manufacturer to produce a written test certificate and other written materials to ensure the environmental protection of the paint. . It should be noted that the price does not mean the quality of the paint, but don't buy an unknown product in order to save a few dollars. At that time, it will only be your own.

Compared to bright paints, the fashion of wallpaper can be painted several streets. The pattern on the wallpaper or the atmosphere is elegant, or fresh and natural, or simple and bright, consumers can choose different patterns of wallpaper according to their own preferences, or choose the wallpaper that matches the interior decoration according to the decoration style.

The material of the wallpaper is generally four kinds, wooden paddle wallpaper, wood fiber wallpaper, natural fabric wallpaper and PVC composite wallpaper, simply plain paper wallpaper and plastic wallpaper, and now there is similar cloth material. Among these materials, pure paper wallpaper is the most environmentally friendly. If it is broken, it can be peeled off directly. Plastic wallpaper is the worst, and there will be a plastic smell that will affect the human body.

Sticking wallpapers is simple and simple, and complicated and complicated. Sticking wallpaper requires glue for wallpaper. The environmental protection of glue needs special attention. If the wallpaper is environmentally friendly, the glue is inferior, then the best wallpaper is useless. Before you post it, you need to measure the size and then crop the wallpaper. Apply glue on the wall where you want to post the wallpaper, then carefully paste the wallpaper. After you paste it, squeeze out the bubbles under the wallpaper to make sure there are no bubbles on the surface of the wallpaper. Wrinkles.

The easiest: wall sticker

The wall sticker is a new type of wall decoration material that is formed by molding the already designed pattern and can be directly attached to the wall or directly torn off. Generally, PVC rubber surface material is used, which has the advantages of using non-toxic plasticizer, flame retardant, wear-resistant, chemical corrosion resistance, low gas water vapor, and PVC-specific self-adhesive materials for home interior wall decoration in domestic designated factories, 100% The EU's environmental standards, green, healthy, pure color and waterproof, do not fade, the viscosity after the wall can generally be maintained for more than 6 years.

The pattern of wall stickers is very diverse, there are large landscape plants, and there are also small and cute cartoon cute pets. Whether it is a blank wall or a narrow corner, you can choose the appropriate wall stickers to decorate and add fun to the wall. . Even if it is just a small light switch, it can be attached to a delicate Q Meng villain, which is funny and interesting.

Since the material used for the wall sticker is PVC rubber surface material, it is very convenient to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Before the wall sticker is applied, the wall surface needs to be cleaned to ensure that the wall surface is flat, so that the wall sticker can last longer.

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