New mold steel is popular in China's steel market

New mold steel is popular in China's steel market Adopt advanced equipment and technology, adopt advanced metallurgical methods and processes, such as furnace refining, electroslag remelting, vacuum processing, multi-directional forging, precision forging and finish rolling, producing high-quality steel with cleanliness; increasing production uniformity Sex, advanced modules, flat steel, square steel, plate and so on. Through the machining, conditioning and other methods to provide products, quality of the mold steel products. The transformation of China's rich alloy resources and labor resources into the advantages of mold steel products, improve the competitiveness of the international market, and expand exports, this is the strategic goal of China's mold steel development.

There is a wide variety of new types of mold steels for the development and application of new type of mold steels, but the space for the development of new types of mold steels is still large, and some new steel properties need to be improved. Such as large-scale aluminum alloy castings, the development of large-scale aluminum alloy die-casting die steel is still a top priority. Another example is the rapid development of the construction industry in recent years, the development of low prices, high wear resistance, strong enough toughness of ceramic, refractory brick mold steel is also an urgent need to solve the subject.

The new type of die steel is popular in China's steel market. In view of the fact that the new type of die steel can greatly increase the service life of the die and solve the production and technical problems in die design, manufacture, use, and repair, it can achieve a huge overall benefit, and it should vigorously promote the application of new types of die steel. It is expected that the application of new types of mold steel will increase year by year. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the use of old steel grades, adopt rational materials selection, and adopt new techniques to avoid weaknesses and maximize their effectiveness.

Establishing expert system for material selection of molds With the diversification of product varieties and the complicating of mold working conditions, it is more important and urgent to select materials for rational materials. The existing research work has accumulated a large amount of data, and based on this, it supplements and perfects the performance data of steel grades, summarizes the latest achievements and experiences at home and abroad in the field of mold material technology, and establishes guidance with the help of increasingly widely used modern computer technologies. Strong, advanced, reliable, and practical tool steel expert material system is imperative.

The establishment of plastic mold steel series China's plastic industry has developed rapidly, plastic products are widely used in agriculture, machinery, chemicals, construction, toys, daily necessities, automobiles, lamps, household appliances, etc., large demand, high quality requirements, corresponding to the plastic The rapid increase in the demand for mold steel also puts forward higher requirements for the use performance and process performance of steel. However, the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui pointed out that at present, the selection of plastic molds is relatively confusing, there are no regulations to follow, and the arbitrariness is great, which affects the service life of the molds, and also affects the quality of plastic products and market competitiveness. It is urgently needed to develop, introduce, and supplement plastic products. Improve the steel grades and establish a series of plastic mold steels suitable for China, so that the plastic mold steel smelting, quality control, supply, material selection, processing and use of a new level.

The application of surface treatment to strengthen the surface treatment technology can maintain the original composition and performance of the core of the mold, give the mold surface a special use of performance (mainly wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.), greatly improve the life of the mold, widen The scope of application of die steel can also replace the high-priced die steel with low-cost die steel, so it has broad application prospects and is valued by various countries in the world. China should vigorously strengthen the basic theories and applied research of surface treatment, adopt advanced equipment and technologies, and expect a wide range of high-quality surface treatments to be widely used in molds.

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