New agate grinding machine (agate ball mill) was successfully developed

First, the working principle 1, was grinding the processing of coarse grained solid particles, placed in agate mortar;

2. The underside of the agate mortar is a strictly hemispherical surface. It is hard, wear-resistant and very smooth. The agate mortar is rotated by a slow-speed gear motor;

3. The head of agate grinding rod is also a hemispherical surface in a strict sense. The centerline of the grinding rod and the centerline of the mortar are intersected to form a more appropriate oblique angle. The pestle sticks into the mortar and a compression spring is arranged in the pestle. The head is pressed against the bottom of the mortar under the action of the spring. The grinding rod is driven by a speed-reducing motor that rotates in a manner similar to the taper of the conical body.

4, the mortar and pestle, each of this movement, formed an ingenious roller-type grinding of coarse particles.

5. Due to the grinding movement formed by the agate mortar and pestle, the grinding opportunities for the solid particles are equal, and the fine powder particle size is very uniform. Grinding time is set according to need and automatic control is achieved. After grinding for a reasonable period of time, the coarse particles are ground into very fine powder particles with a particle size of up to micrometers and some up to nanometers.

Second, the application of experimental grinding machine 1, ultra-hard material powder, such as: diamond wheel abrasive powder.

2, electronic micro powder, such as: semiconductor powder, polysilicon powder.

3, resin powder.

4, food powder, such as: coffee powder.

5, pharmaceutical powder.

6, chemical powder, such as: iodine powder.

Third, the components of the fuselage, mortar drive, agate mortar, agate grinding rod, rod drive, up and down the mobile assembly, the control box four, technical specifications of the parameter table number of the project unit specifications parameter description 1 mortar diameter mm 120

2 Research depth mm 40

3 Grinding speed rpm 100

4 Research speed rpm 10

5 Grinding power w 60

6 Research power w 40

7 Research material Agate 8 Research rod material agate 9 length ?— width ?— height mm 240 ?— 240 ?— 500

10 Weight kg 12

11 voltage v 220

12 can set the running time can

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