Network monitoring stationed in home security Daxian Road

Network monitoring stationed in home security Daxian Road With the continuous development of the video surveillance market, the most important market for network video surveillance is concentrated in several major industries such as safe cities and transportation. The network surveillance cameras also gradually transitioned from "standard definition" to "high definition", and the proportion of network standard definition gradually decreased. In the field of monitoring, the advantages of network monitoring are dependent on the market, and they have gradually entered home monitoring applications. In the future, intelligentization will become the major development trend.

Network Monitoring Market Advantage Dependence For users, network monitoring can also be free of time and location-independent. In the case of authorization, it can be monitored on demand at any time, enabling plug-and-play, instant access, and a convenient way to use it. . As a result, IP network monitoring was consistently considered by the industry to be the main trend of future video network monitoring.

With such an open market prospect, it also prompted domestic and foreign security companies to develop products suitable for network monitoring, such as previous DVRs, later network cameras, video servers and so on. Due to the adoption of advanced digital compression technology, these network products can reduce the transmission bandwidth and storage requirements to compensate for the defects caused by insufficient network bandwidth. In recent years, network cameras and video servers, the core devices of digital video surveillance systems, have more intelligent features and powerful networking functions, and all of these have increasingly shown the increasing core of network monitoring systems.

In addition, in addition to research and development of ancillary products suitable for network monitoring systems, the current IP network has also made great progress in quality management. In the past two years, with the nationa€?s emphasis on network construction and the continuous innovation of network technologies, higher broadband networks will be used. On the other hand, in order to solve the problem of network bandwidth, related companies are also constantly introducing new networking solutions, making the IP network monitoring technology constantly improving. Under such care, it is very difficult for the online market to not even want to mainstream.

Network monitoring and home security applications have advantages At present, home monitoring systems are more popular in Europe and the United States and other developed regions, personal video surveillance and public video surveillance, industrial video surveillance in the monitoring field has formed a tripartite situation. As we all know, home security has a double meaning: life safety and property security, so home security plays an important role in people's lives. In recent years, home network monitoring has occupied more and more shares in the security market. This is entirely based on network monitoring and has an irreplaceable advantage.

Advantage 1: Remote monitoring With the further popularization of 3G mobile phones, mobile phones have become a best wireless terminal business platform, and people can realize wireless network monitoring through mobile phones. People can access the network through the laptop with a wired or wireless connection. The home network cameras that support wired and wireless modes will take care of home care, shop inspections, and other functions, making the monitoring technology further into home users. This kind of design is very suitable for the users of the elderly and children at home, during the day, the user can always see whether the elderly is safe through the network monitoring; night, the child sleeps in the children's room, the user can see through the network video surveillance whether the child needs care .

Advantage 2: Monitoring alarm The real-time image monitoring and burglar alarm system is an important part of the home security system. The family real-time image monitoring and anti-theft system requires that when a person is illegally entered, an alarm is immediately sent and the real-time alarm image is sent and stored in the system. After receiving the alarm information, the user can immediately monitor the family's real-time image through the Internet or using a mobile phone. It is also very convenient for the host to monitor the real-time status of his family at any time without alarm information or disarming.

Advantage 3: Easy wiring and networking The advent of flexible network monitoring allows many users who do not know how to wire, can easily use the network monitoring system, IP network plug and play, no need to dig trenches, is the gospel has been renovated family; The use of wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cables, and has the advantages of short installation cycle, easy maintenance and strong capacity expansion. This is more convenient and quicker for home use, reducing the appearance of wires for home decoration, and at the same time being more subtle, which is a very good choice for anti-theft, anti-nanny and so on.

Unprecedented development potential of network monitoring IP HD is always the main cornerstone of network monitoring development. With the continuous expansion of IP high-definition camera application areas and market demands, users continue to improve the quality and function of the picture, IP high-definition cameras will gradually evolve from a simple security monitoring, to a variety of functions, a variety of operations, and more A variety of management and other needs and one device, specifically, IP high-definition camera in the following aspects will have innovation and application.

1. The combination of IP high-definition cameras and the Internet of Things With the successful application of radio frequency technology (RFID) of the Internet of Things, seamless integration with high-definition video can be realized in the future to bring about good practical applications. The data transmitted from the radio frequency can be received through the COM interface of the IP high-definition camera, and the combination of the image and the radio frequency can be achieved. For example, this technology can replace fixed punching and illegal person identification and thus help to improve many of the more tedious tasks in practice, reflecting the value of high intelligence and high technology.

2. IP high-definition cameras and alarm devices are linked to the alarm (ALARMI/O) interface on the IP HD network cameras, which can handle the switching level. When IP high-definition cameras receive this data, they can be encoded and processed. TCP/IP network, through the application of the alarm signal for a variety of linkage response settings, such as sound, light alarm and alarm recording.

3. Combination of IP high-definition cameras and mobile devices With the popularity of 3G technology, and each IP high-definition camera has its own independent IP address, it can directly connect with mobile devices through a 3G network, real-time transmission of high-definition images, wireless HD video transmission. You can also configure the built-in email, FTP, and other clients in the IP HD camera. When you can access the Internet, the IP HD camera device can also send images or videos captured by the alarm trigger to the mobile device through Email, FTP, or other means. . It can also be connected via a COM port to a device that can connect to a SIM card, and can be sent to a designated mobile phone terminal using a short message or a multimedia message. In this way, real-time and intelligent monitoring can be achieved while using only a small amount of bandwidth and cost.

4, cuts into IP high-definition video camera from the intellectual respect Because the IP high-definition camera front end is has the operating system, all may in front end may carry many intelligence algorithms. The intelligent algorithm can directly process the original image information output from the chip, and based on the original image, do some appropriate applications suitable for the feature occasion. For example, you can embed the entrance and exit statistics function. This function can automatically analyze and count the number of people or objects passing through important entrances or designated areas by analyzing the images monitored by the camera. And in the era of low carbon, the combination of smart algorithms and energy-saving environmental protection opens up another huge market. In party and government agencies, schools, enterprises, and large home environments, intelligent video analysis technology can also be used to eliminate huge energy waste and safety hazards, such as automatically turning off unnecessary lights or turning on lights for people working or adjusting the intensity of lights as needed. Wait.

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