Minsheng Securities: Electric New Energy 2012 Investment Strategy

Chen Long, an analyst at Minsheng Securities, recently released the 2012 Investment Strategy for Electrical Equipment and New Energy Industry. He believes that in 2012, the economic prosperity of the electrical equipment industry will continue to diverge and structural investment opportunities will continue: 1) Smart substation out of the pilot phase , Entering a large-scale roll-out period; 2) Continuously increasing the upgrading and upgrading of rural power grids, driving the continuous improvement of the distribution network's business climate; 3) UHV tendering is expected to accelerate and the degree of prosperity is significantly improved. Give an investment rating of "carefully recommended" to the industry.

According to the report, smart substations are the focus of smart grid construction, and the scale of investment is huge. Investment in distribution networks will continue to grow at a rapid rate. UHV tenders are in full swing and ready to go. According to the beneficiary industries, the key recommendation is: Senyuan Electric (002358, Stocks) (active filter began to heavy volume), Xinlong Electric (002298, stock it) (mainly stable growth, new product volume in), Siyuan Electric (002028, shares it) (when the worst will soon pass), State Power Nanrui ( 600406, share it) (Smart Grid leader, continuous high growth performance), Changgao Group (002452, stock it) (switch and new materials business fly).

What is Pipe Flange

A pipe flange is disc, collar or ring that attaches to pipe with the purpose of providing increased support for strength, blocking off a pipeline or implementing the attachment of more items.  Pipe flanges are usually welded or screwed to the pipe end and are connected with bolts.  A gasket is inserted between the two mating flanges to provide a tighter seal.  Pipe flanges are either custom with dimenions provided by the customer or they are manufactured according to published specifications.  Several organizations and associations have published specifications that provide dimensional information as well as pressure specifications at different temperatures.  Hyupshin Flange manufactures custom flanges and stocks 6 basic types of pipe flanges.  Although, these are the 6 most common types of pipe flanges, Hyupshin Flange is a custom flange manufacturer as well and is able to create just about any type of flange necessary for your requirements.  Please click on one of the following pictures for a more detailed description of the pipe flanges you are interested in.  In the Blog there are some articles that provides a better understanding of how the pipe flanges are connected to the pipe.

Plate Flange

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