Micro motor industry characteristics

Micro motors are motors with a diameter of less than 160 mm or a rated power of less than 750 W or special performance and special purpose. Micro-motors integrates high-tech industries such as motors, microelectronics, power electronics, computers, automatic control, precision machinery, new materials, etc., especially the application of electronic technology and new material technology to promote the advancement of micro-motor technology.

There are many varieties of micro-motors (more than 5,000 kinds), complicated specifications, and a wide range of market applications. They involve all aspects of the national economy, national defense equipment, and human life. Micro-motors can be seen in all occasions where electric drive is required.

Micro-motors have many manufacturing processes, including precision machinery, fine chemicals, micro-machining, magnetic material processing, winding manufacturing, insulation processing, etc. The number of process equipment required is large and the precision is high. In order to ensure the quality of the products, a series of precision is needed. The test equipment is a highly invested industry.

In short, the micro-motor industry is a labor-intensive and technology-intensive high-tech industry.

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