Method for selecting exhaust gas treatment equipment

Demand: According to the demand for purification of exhaust gas to choose a suitable purification device, HEPA has a strong purification ability for soot, bacteria, suspended particles, viruses, catalytic activated carbon for odor and harmful gas purification effect is better. Selection method of exhaust gas treatment equipment 1. Demand: Select appropriate purification equipment according to the exhaust gas purified by demand. HEPA has strong purification ability for soot, bacteria, suspended particles and viruses, and catalytic activated carbon has better purification effect on odor and harmful gas.
Second, on the purification capacity: the room is larger, should choose to purify the purifier with a large amount of air; for example, a room of 15 square meters should choose an air pollution device with a volume of 120 cubic meters / hour;
Third, for the filter material: good filter data adsorption of 0.3 micron or more of the purification of the ability of up to 99.9%; if the indoor smoke purification is heavier, you can choose the air pollution device with better dust removal.
Fourth, the life of the application: With the continuous saturation of the purification equipment, the adsorption of the purifier will also be reduced, so consumers should choose purification filtration equipment with regenerative function to extend its life.
5. Room format affects purification: The air inlet and outlet of the air purifier has a 360-degree ring design, and there is also a one-way air inlet and outlet. If the product is not restricted by the room, the product of the ring type inlet and outlet design should be selected.

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