Mediterranean style furniture appreciation

In Western Europe before the Renaissance, after the catastrophe and long-term depression, the art of furniture re-emerged in the 9th and 11th centuries, and formed a unique style - Mediterranean style. The Mediterranean-style furniture is quickly accepted by the large regional population outside the Mediterranean with its affluent pastoral style and soft tones and combinations. The richness of products, the long coastline, the diversification of architectural styles, and the strong cultural and humanistic forms of sunshine, these factors make the Mediterranean a free and unrestrained, colorful and bright. Come and enjoy the Mediterranean style furniture together with today.


Pure color scheme

The Mediterranean style also has three typical color combinations according to the region:

Spain's azure coast with white sand beaches. The white villages of Greece are connected to the beach and the blue sea and the blue sky. The natural landscapes of desert, rock, mud and sand, which are unique to North Africa, are yellowish and reddish brown. The untrimmed lines and the inadvertent smearing of the white walls also form a special irregular surface. Unique decoration, vines are common home plants, and small and cute green pots are often seen. The color is relatively old, the natural wind is blowing, and it is more natural.

Similarly, Mediterranean style furniture is chosen in color, it generally chooses the natural soft color, pays attention to the space combination in the combination design, makes full use of every inch of space, and does not appear cramped, without losing the atmosphere, liberating the open free space. The collection decoration and application are integrated, avoiding triviality in the combination of cabinet doors, etc. It is generous and natural, and its unique Roman column-like decorative line is simple and clear, revealing the ancient civilization.


The Mediterranean style is a typical example of a maritime-like decoration, named after the rich Mediterranean humanities and regional features. Mediterranean style decoration is one of the most humanistic and artistic decoration styles. It expresses the transparency of the space through continuous arches, horseshoe windows, etc. in the space design. It is open to the open space, and the open room is functionally partitioned to express the Mediterranean through a series of open and transparent architectural decorative language. At the same time, it adopts the natural material scheme to reflect the desire for nature, to appreciate the natural taste of life, and to reflect the natural ideological connotation of the Mediterranean style; the Mediterranean style decoration is also through the blue of the ocean. The basic color scheme of the base color, the ingenious use of natural light, the streamlined and dreamy lines and other soft features to express its romantic feelings; the Mediterranean style decoration in the furniture design, a large number of loose, comfortable furniture to reflect the Mediterranean style decoration Leisure experience. Therefore, freedom, nature, romance and leisure are the essence of Mediterranean style decoration.


The greatest appeal of Mediterranean style to Chinese urban homes comes from its color portfolio. Interested friends can also learn more about this by following our website.

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