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Abstract Machine tools are known as a€?industrial master machinesa€?. The development of a€?high-end CNC machine toolsa€? has always been an important part of China's revitalization of equipment manufacturing. In the process of moving from a machine tool country to a machine tool powerhouse, information technology has become...

The machine tool is known as the "industrial mother machine", and the development of "high-end CNC machine tools" has always been an important part of China's revitalization of equipment manufacturing. In the process of moving from a large machine tool to a machine tool powerhouse, information technology has become an important tool for China's machine tool industry to become bigger and stronger.

From the development trend of numerical control technology, the integration of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and CNC (CNC machine tool) can bring benefits to the ultimate user, which is a major trend. Of course, from a more long-term perspective, the three automatic systems of CNC system, motion control system and automatic drive system work under the unified driving platform is also the development trend of numerical control technology.

The informationization of domestic machine tool enterprises mostly starts from unit products, such as CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM, CAPP (Computer Aided Process Design). When the application of unit products of these tools is mature, how to improve the efficiency of collaborative work, the integration of these unit products becomes a common appeal of enterprise users.

The key to the future development of enterprise information technology lies in information integration and service capabilities. Although people have a certain understanding of advanced technologies and products such as CAD, CAPP, CAE (computer-aided engineering) and digital manufacturing. However, only by allowing enterprises to deeply understand and master the characteristics and advantages of advanced technologies and products in various fields of informationization, can informationization become a support platform for enterprise product innovation.

At present, the automation level of CNC machine tools of many machine tool enterprises is not high, and data acquisition is difficult. The problems mainly include: some machine tools do not provide network interfaces, and can not be networked; networked machine tools can collect very limited data; CNC machine tool feedback procedures are complex. . The resolution of these issues requires the further development and standardization of DNC, which is the standardization of data acquisition signal output, which will revolutionize the development of MES (Manufacturing Execution Management System).

At present, domestic machine tool networking and data collection are in a period of rapid development. Compared with foreign products, there are some gaps in function and performance, but domestic enterprises have great advantages in service, especially in the face of large gaps in enterprise application machine tools. The status of domestic DNC networking and collection can meet the practical application requirements of enterprises.

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