Machine tool development momentum is relatively strong

Today, while the economic data in Europe and the United States is still sluggish, China's PMI data shows signs of recovery; China's official Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data is 45.3, indicating that its manufacturing industry is gradually picking up. The world generally believes that China has a sound economic foundation, and its strong financial power has made its ability to withstand the financial crisis far more than other major countries.
Whether it is the 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus plan, or the revitalization policy of eliminating the tax exemption of imported equipment, encouraging independent innovation and localization of equipment, it shows that the pace of China's advancement to the equipment manufacturing powerhouse will not slow down because of the financial tsunami.
The National Development and Reform Commission has responded to the important deployment of the economic situation, and the revitalization plans for ten key industries such as steel, automobiles, ships, petrochemicals, textiles, light industry, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing, electronic information and logistics have been introduced. The Chinese government's policy on "accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry" and transforming the economic development mode will further expand the demand for high-end CNC machine tools and functional components in the Chinese machine tool market.
Wu Bolin, the Director General of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, said that the "Special Special Guide for High-end CNC Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment" will be released soon. This major project is mainly aimed at the four major industries of aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and power generation equipment. Among the key tasks proposed by the major special implementation plan, the mainframe focuses on the development of high-speed precision composite CNC cutting machines (18 types), heavy-duty CNC cutting machines (7 types), CNC special processing machines (4 types), and large-scale CNC forming presses ( 11 species). In addition to the key tasks listed in the special project, a large number of CNC machine tools and special machine tools of different types and specifications are required, such as various CNC special equipments required for large aircraft manufacturing, and the numerical control required for large steam turbine and generator rotor machining. "Leave root milling machine" and "CNC rotor slot milling machine", "CNC forming and milling machine" and "CNC forming gear grinding machine" required for wind power equipment processing, and "super heavy-duty deep hole drilling machine" required for large nuclear voltage vessel processing The cutting machine for the key parts of the automobile engine and the high-efficiency, automated flexible production line.
With the successive introduction of a series of policies, China's machine tool industry is expected to continue its rapid growth in the next few years. The medium and long-term development momentum of China's machine tool market is still relatively strong. The launch of the a€?4 trilliona€? stimulus economic plan is expected to start hundreds of billions of projects in China's roads, railways and energy sources this year and in the future.
From 2010 to 2012, the average annual investment of China's railways will be more than 600 billion yuan, with an average of 190 million yuan per day.
In the next 20 years, China needs to purchase more than 2,400 civilian passenger aircraft, valued at US$197 billion, plus various regional passenger aircraft and civilian transport aircraft, with a total value of 350 billion to 400 billion US dollars. At the same time, the demand for aerial photography, exploration, agricultural aviation, police, search and rescue, fire protection, etc. will greatly stimulate the demand of the helicopter market. With the development of the defense industry, China's military aircraft will also be a huge market.

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