Longkou a source heat pump system engineering tender notice

Longkou City, disabled persons service center ventilation and air conditioning systems and ground source heat pump systems engineering, the tender for the Federation of the disabled Longkou. The following is the tender related requirements and documents. 1. Tender conditions The tender Longkou City, disabled persons service center ventilation and air conditioning systems and ground source heat pump system engineering has been approved by the approval department approval construction, the tender for the Federation of Longkou Disabled Persons, construction funds from the financial investment. The project has the tender conditions, the construction of the project is now open bidding. 2.Project overview and scope of bidding The project is located south of Gangcheng Avenue, west of Fudianlu Road, 1 storey underground and 12 floors above ground. The total building area is 16,746 square meters including ventilation and air-conditioning system, ground source heat pump Unit, pipe and hit the heat source wells. Contract estimated price of 11.38679 million yuan. 3. Bidder qualification requirements Bidder shall also have a geological survey Grade A qualification certificate (geological drilling Grade A qualification) and mechanical and electrical installation of construction general contracting two or more qualifications (or mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contractor two or two Level or above qualifications); Bidders can participate in the exclusive bidding, but also can be bid to form a consortium; proposed project manager should have mechanical and electrical installation of two or more registered construction division qualification. All bidders must provide evidence of the bribery record issued by the procuratorial organ where the bidding firm is located when opening the bid. 4. Tender Registration Those who wish to participate in the bidding, you must carefully fill out the "bidding business registration letter," "Tender Enterprise Overview Form" and "power of attorney" (the above information please Longkou Construction Information Network, Longkou City Government Procurement Network corresponding Notice). From June 3, 2013 to June 16, 2013, before 16:00 on the afternoon of June 7, 2013, electronic version of the original scanned copy and a color scanned copy of the seal of the bidding company and the seal of the legal representative were emailed to the mailbox , And confirm by phone (do not accept on-site registration). Contact: Wang Renwei, Tel and Fax:. 5. Acquisition of Bidding Documents Time of Selling Bidding Documents: From June 8, 2013 to June 17, 2013 (except statutory holidays and statutory holidays) 8:30 am to 17:00 pm Please authorize the representative to bring my own identity (Original and copy) and the following supporting materials (see below) to the Longkou City Administrative Center Room 440 Longkou Construction Engineering Trading Center to purchase the tender documents, the tender documents price of 300 yuan each set, after sale. Contact: Wang Renwei, Tel:. (2) The copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person, a copy of the qualification certificate, a copy of the safety production license, and a copy of the certificate of competency of the enterprise legal person , Original and photocopy of tax registration certificate; (3) the original and photocopy of the certificate of contribution of social pension insurance issued by the labor contract and social security department of the entrusted agent from January to March 2013; 6. The submission of tender documents The deadline for submission of tender documents (deadline for submission of bids, the same below) is at 9:00 on July 1, 2013, the venue for the opening of the physical construction market in Longkou City. Tender documents submitted overdue or not delivered to the designated place shall not be accepted by the tenderee. 7. Announcement of the media This tender notice at the same time in Shandong Province Construction Project Bidding Management Information Network, Longkou Construction Information Network, Longkou City Government Procurement online. 8. Contact Information Tenderer: Federation of the Disabled Persons in Longkou City Address: 8th floor, Donglai Subdistrict Office, Longkou City Postcode: 265701 Contact Person: Yin Guiling Tel: Fax: Email: Bidding Agency: Longkou Hualong Engineering Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. Address: Huangcheng Song Long Lan Court North Street Building (Building 60, No. 1, No. 2) Zip Code: 265701 Contact: Wang Wei Phone: Fax: E-mail: June 3, 2013 The above is the Longkou City disabled service center ventilation and air conditioning system and ground source heat pump system project full text)

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