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The decoration of the living room is the most important. The average guest comes to your house. The first thing you see is the whole decoration of the living room; therefore, be careful when decorating the living room. Xiao Bian today to tell you about when decorating the living room, what tiles in the living room is good ? What are the specifications of living room tiles? Let's take a look together.

What tiles are good in the living room?

What tiles are good in the living room? The selection of tiles in the living room is not very demanding on the material, but the only thing to pay attention to is to select the specific color according to the light of the living room and personal preference. And because there are people coming in and going out of the living room, they need a harder, wear-resistant brick. Due to the existence of these requirements, the use of vitrified tiles to cover the living room is now more.

The vitrified tiles are similar to the polished ones, but the production requirements are higher, the press is required to be better, the higher density can be suppressed, and the firing temperature is higher, and all-ceramics can be achieved. The vitrified tile is the enhanced polishing, the surface is generally no longer need to be polished and it is very bright. It can solve the problem that the polishing is easy to be dirty. In addition, the vitrified tiles are bright and clean, and they look generous and beautiful after being paved. The price is moderate and they are easy to clean and clean.

Since the living room is the place where guests are received, the effect of the decoration is also very important. We must use beautiful bricks with beautiful surface textures, beautiful decoration effects, and bricks that can enhance the taste and appreciation of the home space. After all, it represents the family to some extent. The taste and image. The stone cubic tiles are a good choice. After its appearance, the three-dimensional block stone mechanism achieves the top simulation effect and realistically restores the natural stone charm. The jade crystal in the body is exquisitely carved, exudes a noble but not reserved, elegant but not vulgar beauty jade temperament. The use of such vitrified tiles to decorate living rooms is becoming more and more common.

Can also use polished tiles, polished tiles surface smooth, hard wear, there is a certain decorative effect, in terms of price, cheaper than the price of vitrified tiles, so the polished tiles are one of the choice of living room tiles.

Living room tiles specifications

Living room tile specifications generally have 500*500, 600*600, 800*800, 1000*1000. But when you choose the specifications of the tiles, you must consider the size of the living room. The size of the living room is less than 30 square meters and the size of the tiles is 600*600; the size of the living room is 30-40 square meters, and the size is 600*600. Or 800*800 tiles; general living room size is more than 40 square meters, using the specifications of 800 * 800 tiles; living room size is 60-100 square, choose the size of 1000 * 1000 tiles is the best.

Above about the living room posted what tiles are good and the living room tiles specifications are briefly introduced here, I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Living room tile living room decoration

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