Lifting hole without guardrail accidentally crashed to death

A factory to replace the belt to open the lifting hole, only use nylon rope to set up a simple fence that does not have any protection effect, a coal-scraping personnel took off from the lifting hole and died.
[A brief pass]
A maintenance person at a factory opened the lifting hole (elevation 25m) between the cranes for the replacement of coal conveyor belts, using only a nylon rope as a simple fence. On the morning of January 17, the person in charge of the work, Yu Mou, led Yue and others to reach the condolence room and dredge the coal-removal barrel. Although they found that the lifting hole was not fenced and no protective measures were taken, the work began. A staff member used a sledgehammer to break down the coal drum. When Yue Mou evaded the sledgehammer, he fell from the lifting hole to the ground (falling 25m) and died.
[Causes and Exposure Problems]
1. The maintenance personnel opened the lifting hole and did not set up a safe and reliable rigid temporary fence;
2. Although the use of nylon rope set a simple fence, but too loose and fall to the ground, will not achieve any protection;
3. The person in charge of the work leads the operator to the site. Although it is found that the temporary fence does not provide any protection, the maintenance personnel are not required to install a reliable rigid temporary fence;
4. The person in charge of the work did not take any protective action in the temporary fence and did not take other protective measures and blindly organized the work.
1. Open the lifting hole should set up a safe and reliable rigid fence;
2. The staff found that the safety facilities did not meet the requirements. They should stop operations and inform maintenance personnel to set up reliable safety facilities before starting work.
1. Article 13 of the "Safety Regulations" (Thermal Engine) stipulates: "All lifting openings, large holes, stairs and platforms must be equipped with no less than 1050mm high railings and no less than 100mm high guards. When the railings are to be removed, temporary barriers must be installed and the railings should be immediately replaced at the end of the inspection. The original rails with a height of 1000 mm can be left unchanged;
2. Article of the a€?Standard for the Use and Management of Work Tickets and Operation Ticketsa€? of China Datang Corporation: After the commencement of work, the person in charge of the work must always perform his or her own safety duties at the work site and carefully monitor the entire process of the work.

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