Lewo FR220E excavator products come out---the crystallization of technological innovation

In recent years, China's economic development has entered a stage of transformation and adjustment, and equipment manufacturing products have become more oriented towards more professional products and more reliable quality. Due to the implementation of stricter safety regulations in China, the current roads and railways are developing in a refined and orderly manner, and mining equipment such as excavators are also more demanding. The Revo E-series excavator represented by FR220E was born in a new market, high standards and strict requirements.

Low fuel consumption and high efficiency are the outstanding features of the FR220E excavator. This is mainly due to the use of Revo's exclusive high-pressure common rail electronically controlled engine. The electronically controlled positive flow hydraulic system is intelligently matched with the engine, making the excavator more powerful. The fuel consumption is lower and the fuel consumption efficiency is 7% higher than that of the original model.

Improvements in hydraulic and electronic control systems have made the Lovol FR220E excavator more coordinated and more precise. In order to further improve the user experience, Revo's R&D engineers improved the hydraulic and electronic control system of the FR220E excavator, canceled the negative flow control mode of the original model, changed to the positive flow control mode, and replaced the RB valve. Pilot pressure sensor, so no signal loop is needed, and the power loss is small in the middle position. In terms of electronic control, the controller was upgraded and the operation speed was increased by 50%. This series of improvements has greatly improved the coordination of the excavator's movements and the accuracy of the operation.

At the same time, some details have been improved, reflecting the relentless pursuit of the user experience, such as the soft and wear-resistant fireproof cloth in the cab, the plastic housing rearview mirror changed to the metal casing large mirror rearview mirror The seemingly small improvement makes the operation of the operator more comfortable and convenient.

With the advent of the Lovol FR220E excavator, it is a new life and vitality for the Lovol medium-sized excavator. Let us wait and see!

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