Lei Jun: Denying the entry of real estate but will pass the smart home cooperation housing enterprise

The World Knowledge Forum?·China-Korea Entrepreneur Summit Forum is in the countdown. This event will welcome the most representative technology companies in China and South Korea, including the Samsung Group, which accounts for about 20% of Koreaa€?s GDP, and its valuation is as high as 450. Million dollars of millet company.

For Xiaomi, Samsung is a very competitive opponent. The dialogue between the strong players will also be presented in a forum jointly created by China Daily Economic News and Korea Daily Economic News. We specially invited Samsung Electronics. President Park Shangzhen, President of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. Lin Bin attended the forum. On the occasion of the upcoming forum, the reporter interviewed Xiao Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, to interpret Xiaomi for you.

On May 12th, the Xiaomi Note top version was first sold through the offline channel, Xiaomi House, for 2999 yuan. Although Lei Jun had already convinced himself that the phone was enough to turn over 3,000 yuan, he eventually stopped. "This is a position problem," he said.

In the fifth year of Xiaomi, the most expensive mobile phone was listed, and the name was a€?Android Emperora€?. For Xiaomi, who has been running in the low-end market, will the "machine king" push Xiaomi to a new runway? Where is the end of Xiaomi?

With these questions, I interviewed Xiao Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi. In the three-hour exchange, he often gets excited about the product, raising the volume or getting up and taking the sample for comparison.

"The Emperor" was born

At 2:30 pm on May 13th, the agreed interview time has passed. Lei Juna€?s meeting has not yet ended. Xiaomia€?s staff hereby applied for five minutes of lunch time for him. A few minutes later, he took advantage of this "machine emperor" to talk about the sale under the previous antenna. "It really shocked me. The first person heard that they started to line up at 4:30 in the afternoon. When I shook hands with him, his hand was cold, and I was so excited that I didn't know what to say." Lei Jun Said.

Before that, he had no bottom in his heart. When the price was initially determined at 3,299 yuan, Lei Jun was still negotiating with upstream suppliers, trying to find a space to drive down prices. Until the day before the announcement of the price, he tangled for an hour, hit a 6-way call before and after, and finally set the price at 3,000 yuan to 2,999 yuan.

As he said, 1 dollar has no practical significance, just a position, Xiaomi insists on the most cost-effective position. When more than 3,000 people lined up to buy the Xiaomi Note top version in Xiaomi's home, and the number of online purchases through Xiaomi.com reached 1 million, Lei Jun and his teammates drank beer at the Xiaomi headquarters in Qinghe Colorful City. If you eat spicy crayfish, you should celebrate.

"I never said that we kill Apple and Samsung. I just said that we are doing better than Apple... I am a science and engineering background. In fact, I think some people have misunderstood me." When I couldna€?t think of how to express it, Lei Jun also Can't help but laugh, this makes everyone a lot easier.

The literacy of the science man makes Lei Jun configure and "out of the machine", "front 2.5D glass + back 3D curved glass, Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB DDR4 running memory, 64GB ROM," he picked up the phone on the table, Capricorn Back glass, "This process is very complicated. It is selected from the different back covers of bamboo, wood, sapphire, leather and ceramics. Can you understand my mood two years ago? It is to do whatever it takes. What is good? What to use."

He did not forget to show any details to the people around him, which is more like a gold medal selling. As for the "machine emperor", Lei Jun said that it is for "fever". According to market research firm IDC data, in the first quarter of 2015, Apple and Xiaomi shipped 14.5 million units and 13.5 million units respectively in the Chinese market, ranking one or two. "Actually, the actual shipment of Xiaomi in the first quarter was 14.98 million units, so Xiaomi is the first. Well, anyway, Xiaomi is one of the best." Lei Jun is obviously somewhat dissatisfied with this data. He gave Xiaomi this year. The target is 80 million to 100 million units. He said that the data for the second quarter will be very good, and Xiaomi has no problem with more than 90 million units shipped this year.

Denying the entry of real estate cars

The faster the speed, the shorter the time it takes to touch the ceiling. For Xiaomi, which is rushing into the high-end market, it will become more and more difficult to subvert itself. You can feel the anxiety of Lei Jun. The red blood in his eyes has invaded all parts of the pupil. Some people say that since the establishment of Xiaomi, this red blood has not subsided. a€?Before the industry was hard to sink in the outbreak, the supply chain bottleneck period allowed the mobile phone companies to calm down. For example, users always feel that the battery life is not enough, the picture quality is not good enough, and the mobile phone products have more details. Improving the space is a good thing for the whole industry.a€? Lei Jun said, a€?I dona€?t care if people say that we are a cheap mobile phone company. We just need to be a good company.a€? Although ita€?s not intended, he will still come up with a very convincing The numbers go back and forth. "This year our Internet service revenue is around 5 billion to 6 billion yuan."

Inadvertently, Lei Juna€?s Xiaomi Empire has evolved from three core businesses to a strategy of connecting everything, and then to the Internet finance, the chain of ecological chain has pushed the valuation of Xiaomi from 10 billion US dollars to 16 billion in 16 months. 45 billion US dollars. It is understood that Xiaomi plans to invest in 100 hardware companies by means of investment. At present, it has invested 39, and plans to open its brand and traffic to cover most intelligent hardware fields.

When asked about the areas that Xiaomi would not touch, Lei Jun once again clearly denied the rumors of entering the real estate and cars. "The three core businesses of Xiaomi are mobile phones, TVs, and smart homes. Among them, the mobile phone business is currently the first in the country and the top five in the world; the sales of TV business are rapidly increasing, the content is filling up the short board, and the TV box has also achieved domestic share. First, in smart home, Xiaomia€?s smart routers share first, and air purifiers sell more than 100,000 units per month, with a market share of about 20%.a€?

He even used the "super satisfaction" and "seriously exceeded expectations" to evaluate the development of Xiaomi's smart home. Xiaomi Smart Home Super App has been placed in the phone lock screen interface. This is the beginning of Xiaomi's goal to connect everything, open and not standing. For the follow-up of competitors, Lei Jun said that the idea of a€?a€?Xiaomi in smart home is now very clear, not conceptual, but has been commercialized. Xiaomi is the fastest-growing company with the most links in its strategy of connecting everything. "In order to get through these, we have invested in the United States, which is very terrible to produce 300 million home appliances a year." The investment is beautiful, but the extension of Xiaomi's smart home strategy, although it will not enter the real estate field, but Lei Jun also said, Will cooperate with real estate enterprises through smart home.

Busy to no time anxiety

On May 11th, Xiaomi Finance officially launched the Internet financial product a€?Millet Live Treasurea€?. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi is suitable for Internet finance business. "Doing internet finance is a natural extension. Last year, our main energy was to become the boss of China's smart phone market, so it is behind. But we have invested in several Internet finance companies and are learning about the track. The goal is the future 3~ 5 years has become the main player in China's Internet finance."

From mobile phones to Internet services, e-commerce platforms, smart homes and Internet finance, Xiaomi has found more than one path to cash. Therefore, when these issues were thrown to Lei Jun, he replied very firmly. "I am not doing this company for the market value. We have been super-approved. If I want to prove anything, then I should prove it all today. I It is believed that the future path of Xiaomi is globalization, which enables everyone in the world to enjoy the fun of Chinese science and technology innovation.a€? For the timetable for listing, Lei Jun still said that the listing will not be considered within five years from now.

For the $45 billion valuation, Sagittarius' self-confidence made Lei Jun summarize the following: "I have always been a tenacious, indomitable steel warrior. I have been in this industry for 26 years, no People are more persistent and more idealistic than me. Taking advantage of the trend is a great opportunity for the gritty people of our time. For me, small persistence should be given up, so that we can reach the peak of life. ."

It is reminded that Uber is planning a new round of financing, which will make Uber's valuation reach 50 billion US dollars, which is more than Xiaomi. "That's great. From then on, we are the world's second-largest Internet company. Everyone is going to surpass Uber." Lei Jun said that our goal is to become the world's most representative and coolest technology company. As for how to define this "cool", Lei Jun believes that the user agrees with the coolest.

For the global strategic layout, Lei Jun said that India is the new battlefield of Xiaomi, but the challenge is that overseas development is not simply copying and translating the millet model. Not only in India, but more and more overseas companies have realized the a€?threata€? of Xiaomi. As early as last September, South Korean Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Finance, Cui Yuhuan, mentioned the "Millet Shock" in South Korea.

But this cleared some obstacles for Xiaomi's globalization strategy. "You know that a foreign media was jealous of me a year ago, saying that I am China apple, copy. So I refused to accept interviews with foreign media. But now, the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine is almost always a positive voice."

Lei Jun said that before the interview, he received a group of guests from the United States. They were excited to say that if the product was sold in the United States, Lei Jun returned a sentence, "step by step". . His calmness and self-confidence are further affecting Xiaomi. When someone asks if Lei Jun is still anxious, he said, I have no time to worry.

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