Labor protection supplies have technical standards

In the thinking of most migrant workers, employers are very good when they go to work in cities and they don't think about quality protection. They don't understand that these protective products still have technical requirements. In this issue, a€?I want to go to the city to worka€? column, Gu Jie, deputy director of the Agricultural Management Center of Zhengzhou Municipal Human and Society Bureau, asked the peasant workers to answer their questions about the technical standards for labor protection products.

Labor protection product technical standards

Migrant workers: What are the technical standards?

Gu Wei: The technical standards for the selection of labor protection products in the workplace are as follows:

1. Dust harmful factors. There are 47 kinds of dust that are specified in the occupational exposure limits for hazardous substances in the workplace. These dusts are harmful to human health. When dust in the air in the work environment exceeds the limit, anti-particulate respirator should be used.

2. Chemically harmful factors. There are 329 kinds of toxic substances in the occupational exposure limits for hazardous substances in the workplace. If these toxic substances exceed the limits in the workplace, in addition to anti-poisoning technical measures, personal protective equipment should also be provided.

3. Physical harmful factors. Physical hazards in the workplace include exposure limits for ionizing radiation, classification of high-temperature operations, lasers, local vibrations, and meteorological conditions at mining sites under coal mines. Machines, blows, and cutting injury workplaces should use helmets, safety shoes, protective gloves, goggles and other protective equipment, and meet national standards.

4. Biological harmful factors. Such as contact with fur, animal-induced anthrax infection, Brucella infection, infection caused by encephalitis caused by forest harvesting, and bacterial and viral infections caused by medical personnel touching patients.

Choose labor protection equipment according to the type of job

Migrant workers: Didn't it know that the protective equipment that was given to Yanfa was correct?

Gu Ke: If the harmful substances can harm the head, ears, eyes, respiratory system, arms, body, skin, feet and other parts, the corresponding protective articles should be selected according to different parts. Personal protective equipment can only exert the best protection function when matched with the individual size. Therefore, when selecting personal protective equipment, different models should be available for users to choose.

In the a€?Personal Protective Equipment Selection Regulationsa€?, 38 kinds of operations are stipulated on how to use protective equipment (for details, please refer to the national standard), such as high-level operations, such as construction and installation of wire, high cliff operation, suspension, and coating of goods. Stacks, etc., shall be helmets, safety belts, and non-slip work shoes. Safety helmets and safety shoes shall be used for objects falling and impacting (such as construction and installation, metallurgy, mining, drilling, shipbuilding, lifting, and forest harvesting).

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