Labor insurance shoes are also fashion, Taobao Tmall profits

Labor insurance shoes to take the electricity supplier, Taobao Tmall sales of Qi Cheng profit 70%, do you believe?

He is Liu Wenchao, who was born in Gaomi City, a traditional industry with labor insurance shoes. His own family is also a manufacturer of labor insurance shoes.

In 2008, Liu Wenchao, who was in his sophomore year of study, spent his living expenses on his own Taobao buyer's account to open his own labor insurance shoes. He earned an average of 1,000 yuan a day. When the business is good, he earns 7,000 yuan a day. 8,000 yuan. Liu Wenchao who tasted the sweetness, consider the upgrade to Taobao - Tmall, "Tmall is the main brand, authentic, higher viewing power, trust, I think there will be promotion of sales." Soon after graduation, Liu Wenchao It opened the Tmall flagship store.

Liu Wenchao said that the home and offline markets are mostly old customers, but they are large but thin. In recent years, e-commerce, which has emerged in recent years, is dominated by retail sales, and profits are much higher than offline. In addition, e-commerce integrates information technology with business activities to facilitate timely communication with customers, which helps reduce operating costs and expand profit margins. It is understood that last year, Liu Wenchao sales reached 4 million yuan, a slight fluctuation this year, but it is estimated that there will be 3 million yuan into the accounts.

Today Liu Wenchao is really famous in Gao Mi. There are more than 2,000 labor insurance shoe stores on Taobao. His online shop ranks eighth in terms of monthly sales of 2073. A closer look will reveal that the online shops ranked in front of Liu Wenchao are much richer in sales categories. Besides labor insurance shoes, they also include protective gloves, hard hats and work clothes, and he only sells 21 types of labor insurance shoes.

In Gao Mi, young people like e-commerce like Liu Wenchao are really many. The reporter learned that these Taobao shopkeepers pay attention to learning. Because Tmall has clear specifications on the pictures of goods, they have to learn art and drawing; Cat launched the "Tmall Through Train" to promote sales, they also have to learn.

The rapid development of e-commerce, coupled with the constant influx of new merchants, has increased their competitiveness, and young people like Liu Wenchao have begun to worry, sales, promotion? ? Can labor insurance shoes continue fashion? ?

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