Juao coal yard wind and dust suppression net wind wall

Anping Juao Metal Products Co., Ltd. has reduced the amount of coal used in the country since the beginning of this year, resulting in a large number of coal storage yards hoarding a large amount of coal. Due to the instability of the coal market, the existing coal is hoarding a lot, due to the characteristics of coal products. Long-term storage of large quantities can easily cause spontaneous combustion, weathering, and deterioration of coal, causing considerable losses to a large number of coal companies.

Our company strongly recommends wind and dust suppression nets, wind and dust suppression wall equipment for the current situation, and metal wind suppression walls with wind, dust, anti-self-ignition, weathering and coal deterioration. About 5,000 tons of coal mines are saved each year.

'Juao coal yard wind and dust suppression net wind wall

Screen mesh window

High quality polyester fabric, UV-resistant, washable, light and air permeable, , durable, good wind resistance performance, easy installing, EN13561-2015 certification.

Use the trasparent hook tape to stick onto the wall, have the good protection for your original window.
All the fabric have the Grey Scale Level 5 performance under the xenon-arc lamps with the condition ISO 4892-2:2013 cycle 1.
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Polyester Insect Screen Window

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