Japan to develop new miniature diaphragm pump

Japan's Star Micronics has developed a diaphragm-type miniature pump "SDMP301" using piezoelectric elements. Low power consumption due to no pump, motor and shaft. The product by changing the drive voltage and drive frequency, adjust the flow and discharge pressure. The maximum flow rate is 1.5mL / min, the maximum pump pressure is 55kPa. SDMP301 is equivalent to the "SDMP205" follow-up model released in October 2004 and adopts the same internal structure as "SDMP305" released in August 2005. By mechanically vibrating the diaphragm designed inside the pump, a volume change is created, delivering liquid and gas. The product dimensions 25 ?— 25 ?— 4.8mm, weighs about 4g, basically the same with the SDMP305. The intended use is to supply fuel to small fuel cells provided in laptops and PDAs.

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