Isa Tool's outstanding performance in the automotive industry

The automotive market presents a diversified situation in order to meet demand. In order to adapt to individualized services, the production line needs to become more a€?flexiblea€? while maintaining the beat (efficiency), accuracy (quality) and price (cost). Competitiveness.

Specific to the tool technology chain in the manufacturing process of auto parts, there are two directions of development trend worthy of our attention: more closely combined with machine tool workpieces to form a matching compound process tool and multi-function tool, such as ISCAR Group ITD drill , expansion, hinge, and reverse tool, these high-precision tools are matched with high-speed machine tools, HSK or hot-sleeve holders to efficiently process high-precision parts. On the other hand, in order to adapt to the constant updating of products and increasing variety requirements, Probably efficient and versatile The use of highly versatile tools makes the line more flexible. For example, the new high-speed external milling process of the ISCAR Group INGERSOLL has higher efficiency and better a€?flexibilitya€? than the car-ladle process.
NGERSOLL's 6FEE precision milling face milling cutter for the automotive industry is a perfect example of the combination of high efficiency, precision, low cost and versatility: this milling cutter uses INGERSOLL's unique high-strength vertical blade structure with two sets of blades. The circumferential group completes the main cutting task, and the end group completes the repairing action. The long wiper edge L (pictured) allows the tool to easily produce a finish of Ra1.6 or higher at f=15mm per revolution, which is obviously smaller than the short cutting edge of the usual high-gloss finish. The concept of feeding has higher efficiency and effect. The cutting edge of the milling cutter blade is a large R arc edge with respect to the surface of the workpiece, so that the wiper blade is very convenient to be parallel with the surface of the workpiece, and the contact length should be ensured during cutting, so that the blade receives heat and heat evenly, and the life is very good. Great improvement. Under the premise of manufacturing tolerances between machine tools and tools, INGERSOLL uses a clever patented fine-tuning mechanism, in addition to easy adjustment of the parallelism between the wiper and the workpiece surface, and the length of the wiper blade to contact the workpiece can be adjusted according to the specific conditions. And position for the best cutting condition. Thereby achieving a large feed fine cut.

The leap of thinking and ingenious design have achieved a qualitative leap in the task of conventional cutting in the impossible with short cutting edges. Injecting the excellent concept into the tool design and relentlessly implementing it is what Ingersoll people have always believed and put into practice.

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