Is your home lock safe? Should not change the C-class lock

Is your home lock safe? If the anti-theft locks used are of lower grade A and B locks, the thief can be opened in tens of seconds or even seconds. 96811 reminds that such a lock cylinder should be replaced as soon as possible, it is best to replace the C-class lock cylinder to prevent easy theft at home.

Recently, Ms. Zhang of Guiyang forgot to bring the key and was locked outside. She called 96811 to help. "Every time you go out, you must lock both locks. The two doors should be safe." Ms. Zhang believes that in addition to the original house with the door, the new security door is installed. It should not be so easy. turn on.

96811 Locksmith Master came to Ms. Zhanga€?s house and glanced at it. Ms. Zhanga€?s anti-theft lock is a cross lock. This lock is the A-level lock with the lowest anti-theft coefficient and can be opened in less than a minute. Just finished, just listen to the "?’”" and the security door was opened. After listening to the shock, Ms. Zhang said that she had to change a lock with a high anti-theft coefficient.

"Door lock is a vital defense line for the family. Most of the citizens in Guiyang don't understand that their locks are safe." The master of the locks of the 96811 said that most of the citizens' homes are now equipped with low-cost A and B locks. Insert the lock cylinder with tin foil, steel wire, iron sheet, tooth mold and other tools, and it can be opened in tens of seconds or even seconds.

"Especially some old communities and new homes, most of them use A-class locks or B-class locks." The master of the lock of the 96811 said that such locks are mainly one-key keys, cross keys, and more grooves and serrations. The shape changes, or a single row of marble slots, the mutual opening rate is higher, with tools, it can be opened in less than one minute, and the security is extremely poor.

a€?Super B and C lock keys are blade-shaped, adding irregular curves or graphics on the key surface. At present, the super B and C lock cores have the best anti-theft effect.a€? The master of the 9811 lock told reporters that it was connected at 96811. In the order to change locks, many citizens have urgently replaced the lock cylinder after being stolen from their homes. "In fact, the price of the lock is not high, don't wait until the home is stolen before thinking about changing the lock."

96811 newly launched home protection C-class anti-theft lock, using high-quality materials, stable performance, anti-technical opening is more than 300 minutes. The general Super B lock on the market adopts single-sided or double-sided blades, and the 96811 protection C-class anti-theft locks are 4-sided blades, which are 2 to 4 times of the general Super B lock, and have a higher safety factor. The core is protected by pure steel and can be violently unlocked for more than 50 minutes, which can effectively prevent shackles.

It is understood that the 9811's unlocking and repairing convenience service is a veteran lock industry that has been in operation for many years. All staff members are certified to work, have records, identity security, technical expertise, and fast door-to-door.

Editor in charge: Liu Jiehui

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