Is the small manual paper cutter easy to use?

Small manual paper cutter function description:
Desktop manual thick layer trimming knife; ultra long torque cutting handle, cutting and labor saving; handle safety insurance design, need two hands to operate when cutting, can press the cutting handle; knife front folding paper tray design, knife The back push paper platform is printed with a scale ruler, which is convenient for cutting positioning and paper flattening, and improves the cutting precision; the multi-angle adjustment design of the push paper positioning plate facilitates the cutting of the profiled angle.
MC-320 cutting width 320mm; push paper table effective size: 310mm; outer dimensions: length 690 ?— width 440 ?— height 290mm; machine weight: 19 kg
MC-430 cutting width 430mm; push table effective size: 420mm; Dimensions: length 800 ?— width 550 ?— height 290mm; machine weight: 25 kg Technical parameters:
Manual paper pressing, manual cutting; cutting thickness: 40mm; paper pushing method: manual

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