Is the metal paint good?

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Metallic paint, also known as metallic glitter paint, has a fine metal powder (such as aluminum powder, copper powder, etc.) added to its paint base. After the light is incident on the metal powder, it is reflected through the gas film. Therefore, it looks like the metal is shining. This metallic glitter paint gives people a feeling of pleasure, lightness and novelty. So, is the home decoration metal paint good? Construction process and precautions.

First, is the metal paint good?

Metallic paint as a high-grade architectural paint, I believe that many friends who are decorating have heard that simply painting it on a building can improve the aesthetics of the building.

1, metal paint is good, metal paint hardness is higher

Since the metal paint is made of copper powder, aluminum powder and the like, the hardness of the paint is increased, and the hardness of the metal paint is higher.

2, the metal paint is good, the metal paint is more durable.

The metal paint is impregnated with metal powder, which ensures the hardness of the metal paint and also ensures better protection against scratches, scratches and rubs. Therefore, metallic paint has stronger durability.

3, metal paint, metal paint, metallic luster is more prominent

Because the composition of the metal paint contains metal components, the metallic luster is more prominent. Coating on the building not only makes the surface of the painted building look more splendid, but also at different angles due to light. Different angles of refraction will produce different visual effects, which will make it more three-dimensional, thus improving the aesthetics of the building and making the building have a noble and elegant temperament.

Second, metal paint construction method

1. Metallic paint can be sprayed, sprayed, brushed, etc., and mixed evenly according to the mixing ratio. When spraying, it should be diluted with special thinner for metal paint.

2. Metallic paint is suitable for all kinds of cement mortar plastering surface, concrete surface, gypsum board, wood board, fiberboard, etc., but the base surface must be firm, dry, clean and free of floating ash before application, PH<10.

Third, metal paint precautions

1. Carefully clean the surface of the coated object before painting the metal paint, remove the grease with a suitable cleaning agent and degreaser, and use an iron brush or other tools on the old wall to remove the old paint film and sand. The putty can be repaired with a putty to confirm that the wall surface is completely dry, clean, firm and flat, and the moisture content is less than 8%.

2. Mix the A component thoroughly before use, and prepare according to the ratio of A/B=100:15 (weight ratio). Stir and evenly mature for 20 minutes, brushing, spraying, etc.; coating interval 6-8h (25?°) C).

3, the life of the tank: 6h (25 ?° C, decreased with increasing temperature).

4. The construction temperature requirement is above 0 ?°C, below 40 ?°C, and above 3 ?°C above the dew point, the relative humidity should not exceed 85%.

5, thinner: choose the appropriate special thinner.

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