Is Arnault cabinet good? 2016 latest Arno cabinet renderings

The establishment of Arnault cabinets can be said to conform to the trend of the times, and the various conditions of Arnault cabinets have accelerated its development. Is Arnault cabinet good or bad? Today, with the small series to understand the next Arnault cabinet good and bad and look at the latest 2015 Arnault cabinet renderings for your reference oh.

Arnault cabinets are good

Arnold cabinets was established in 2002. It specializes in the production of mainstream cabinet products and modern multi-functional residential products as the main development direction.

The company owns 2,500 square meters of modern production plant, a full set of imported Italian panel furniture production equipment, German furniture production equipment and domestic advanced supporting facilities, in accordance with European production technology and after-sales service standards, the use of European imports of environmental protection panels and domestic first-class brand of environmental protection Plate production and on-site construction. As a result of the integration of professional manufacturing companies, software development companies and professional marketing service companies with the Jiahe Decoration Group's integrated WDMA standardization system in China, Arnold cabinets have become the largest cabinet and wardrobe manufacturer in Central China. .

"Let consumers enjoy the highest cost-effective products, but also enjoy high-quality pre-sales, sales and after-sales service" is the goal of Arnold people, advocate "one-time to do things well", "Customer satisfaction is to test our work The only standard "production service concept. "Continuous innovation and progress, providing customers with high-quality products and first-class after-sales service" is the constant belief of Arnold.

The company has a group of talents with rich production management experience, technical experience and research and development capabilities, and is committed to the functionalization, environmental protection and art of the product to meet the ever-growing market competition needs. While rigorously ensuring quality, the company introduced a new concept of a€?health and fashiona€? and advocated a new lifestyle. It strived to make the overall cabinet, the whole wardrobe, and the sliding door widely popularized, thereby improving peoplea€?s quality of life.

Arnault cabinet products:

Arnault cabinets are divided into: European series, modern series, pastoral series, simple series.

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