Introduction to rosewood furniture

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The rosewood furniture is a classical boutique with rooted art and precipitating spirituality and individuality. For this kind of rosewood furniture made of a€?wood golda€? a€“ red sandalwood, the wealth is not rare, and the taste and vitality are worth showing off. No matter how the times change, the deep-rooted classical glory of the rosewood furniture and the passion of the times always complement each other, and the pilgrimage-like artistic dialogue continues for generations. Red sandalwood is one of the rarest and most valuable wood species in the world. It has the characteristics of hard, fragrant, color and texture. It is used as the top material in furniture to produce rosewood furniture in wood grain, engraving pattern, pattern and color. It is very natural and unique, which is more fond of Chinese people who focus on cultural relics and collections and pay attention to the art of furniture decoration.

It is worth mentioning that the red sandalwood is precious, but not all the rosewood furniture has the value of art collection. At present, "Pear Blossom Red Sandalwood" has always been a precious rosewood recognized by the art world and the collectors. Its texture is long and it is twisted and silky. It is very similar to the hair on the back of the cow. "Cattle hair red sandalwood". The furniture made with it, especially the rosewood furniture made during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is perfect in terms of shape, structure, craftsmanship, decoration, etc., so it has great artistic value and collection value.

Nowadays, home decoration materials and accessories are like clothing. One year a style, one year is a popular color, in the face of changing home trends, how to make your home decoration neither repeat investment nor fall behind? This will inevitably require people to have "Advanced" consciousness of "advance". To this end, the choice of classical furniture is already a taste. The rosewood furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China is an important part of Chinese culture. It is a beautiful poem composed of wood. According to people's previous imagination, classical furniture gives people a dull, embarrassing feeling, and the modern fresh and beautiful furniture style is not very "tune", but when you put the high level of production, the wisdom of the craftsman, the aesthetic value of the red sandalwood When furniture is placed together with modern furniture design, you may have a deeper understanding of the classical home. For the production of exquisite, unique craftsmanship, natural texture of the rosewood furniture, can be placed in any tasteful, pursuing home environment, is the crowning touch. If people are reviewing

The Ming-style rosewood tune-moon cave door canopy bed is selectively added with some Chinese classical furniture, including some antique ornaments and other cultural connotations, pay attention to the lighting, the ground and the wall, so that its precipitation, ancient rhyme The spirit of the times of cultural temperament and freedom blends with each other, highlighting its dignified calm, elegant restraint, individuality and spirituality, and the modern living law. It reinterprets the home culture with the court-style culture and humanity. It is a kind of exquisiteness, and the style in people's lives is thus distinguished.

A few days ago, the reporter saw the world's rare "bovine hairy rosewood" furniture in the Zuojiazhuang Oriental Ming and Ming and Qing dynasty classical home stores, including the collection of rosewood canopy beds, red sandalwood four-piece cabinets, red sandalwood and non-waist armchairs, etc. Starting from their ornamentation, it can be shown that all the fine works here cannot be described as plain and uncommon. It highlights the essence of multiculturalism in the ancient civilizations of China, and the infinite vitality is revealed in the square. This rosewood boutique has gone from classical to classical and has always been highly respected by the world. According to Mr. Yang Xiaohua, the general manager of the Oriental Ming and Qing Dynasties Classical Home Furnishings Store, the rosewood furniture uses the a€?wood in the golda€? rosewood as the raw material. After the development of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the genius of the craftsman of hundreds of years and the participation of the court literati. The idea is to infiltrate people's thoughts, spirits and individuality, and to inanimate the inanimate wood into an epic and living art, and to form a unique high-grade furniture culture represented by the court.

The rosewood furniture retains the taste of the nobility in the memories of history, but those who truly understand life never try to define the nobility with money. The nobility is nothing more than a label of taste. If you appreciate it, you will appreciate it more. Rosewood furniture is not a show of status, but a flaunt of taste. What floats behind it is the concept of life quality that never fades. Once it is involved, people's home life is more refined.

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