Intelligent Scarecrows - Unmanned Agricultural Information Intelligent Monitoring System Available [Full Text]

Science and Technology Development Shanghai On July 16, according to information from Fudan University, the schoola€?s Dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering, Zheng Lironga€?s team broke the key technology of agricultural IoT and achieved independent intellectual property rights during the completion of the national a€?863a€? project. , low-power, intelligent, multi-source awareness of the Internet of Things node, developed and created China's first cloud platform "smart Scarecrow."

According to reports, the so-called a€?smart straw mana€? is an intelligent monitoring of comprehensive information on crop growth environment through the Internet of Things technology. It is a collection of information on the collection, storage, transmission, and management of crop planting environment information. Unattended agricultural comprehensive information intelligence. Monitoring System. At present, more than 30 agricultural product manufacturers have been put into use.

Farmers no longer need farmers to inspect fertilized pesticides. Smart Scarecrow decides when to apply fertilizer by analyzing fertilizer content and water content in the soil. It can also decide whether to spray pesticides according to the growth of the plant. The use of pesticides and fertilizers in the production process of each batch of agricultural products is uploaded to the cloud platform in a timely manner. Consumers only need to scan the two-dimensional code when they purchase, and they can know whether the agricultural product production process in their hands is safe...

In order to ensure safety, "Smart Scarecrow" can implement mobile phone and other query functions. If someone wants to modify their data or turn off the "Smart Scarecrow" at will, the Scarecrow will call the police directly. All the data collected by the a€?Smart Scarecrowa€? is uploaded to the National Coding Center and is now networked with smart packaging. In the future, whether milk or vegetables are collected from individual farmers, it can be seen from the packaging.

This "smart Scarecrow" only needs to be installed every 2 to 4 kilometers. It invests about 5 yuan per mu per year. According to the research of the research group, if the a€?smart straw mana€? is used in rural greenhouses, it can increase production by 30%, and the additional investment for each greenhouse is about 300 yuan.

Zheng Lirong said that the study is expected to help realize the nationwide networked food safety Internet of Things supervision platform for the people and food safety regulatory agencies at all levels.

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