Intelligent Riding Helmet Helps Rider Crash Avoidance Practical Value Temporary Storage Questions

Technology Trends With the continuous development of Internet of Things technology, intelligent transportation and smart driving have gradually become a hot topic that people talk about. For bicycle-loving cyclists, there is also a good news about driving intelligence. In the near future, Swedish Volvo announced that its company is planning to develop a smart riding helmet.

It is reported that Volvo plans to research and develop this smart helmet. After the cyclist wears it, he can share and receive driving route data through the smart technology components in the helmet to avoid the collision between the bicycle and the car during riding.

In a sparsely populated neighborhood, especially in a street with a visually impaired area, if a Volvo car driver can learn via cloud service that a cyclist is about to pass by at an intersection, he will be able to take steps to avoid accidents such as collision.

The smart riding helmet developed by Wal-Mart will upload the position and route data of cyclists and drivers to the cloud, avoiding collision accidents through mutual sharing and intelligent prompts.

According to reports, if there are other vehicles on the biking route, the cyclist will get a warning in time through the indicator light.

This smart riding helmet actually belongs to a companion device of a cyclist's smart phone. The related data communication and the like need to be realized by a mobile phone, and the mobile phone also needs to download and install a special software.

It is not difficult to see that this smart riding helmet is only in the early stage of R&D. There are several questions about whether this kind of helmet has practical value.

For example, the collision avoidance system requires the participation of riders and motorists. However, the vehicles on the road are not all Volvo cars. How many other brands are active in Volvo's plan?

In addition, cyclists and motorists need to upload their location and route information to the cloud system, but this information is also personal privacy, and not everyone is willing to upload.

According to reports, the technology and research fields for the intelligent interaction between automobiles and the surrounding environment are called "V2X" (the abbreviation for "Vehicles and Environment"). At present, some auto manufacturers have made some progress in the research of this technology and can make vehicles. Intelligently identify vehicles, pedestrians, and buildings on the road to improve driving safety.

It is estimated that at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas next month, smart driving and intelligent transportation will also become a showcase for manufacturers.

It is worth mentioning that the smart helmet developed by Wal-Mart has a certain characteristic in the use of the data sharing model of collision avoidance. In Google's self-driving car, it employs a laser scanning device on the roof to quickly scan the surrounding environment and vehicles. The system analyzes high-speed data to determine if abnormal conditions occur, allowing the software robot to control the vehicle smoothly. .

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