Industry insiders are optimistic about steel doors

Zheng Jiangtao, Chairman of Henan Great Wall Door Industry Co., Ltd.: As far as the steel doors are concerned, it is not a new product now. Currently, steel doors have formed an industry. For this emerging industry, we must treat it with a relatively calm state of mind and cannot narrowly believe that it is merely to compete for the market with solid wood doors. In fact, there are substantial differences between steel wood doors and solid wood doors. These differences make them irreplaceable in different markets and different levels of consumption.

Many Chinese people have a solid wood complex, so that when people sell their doors, there are often many people who ask you if this is solid wood. This is normal, but because of this, sales of steel doors have been limited in many areas. We must face this reality. Now the main market for steel doors is still in the low-end market. If you want to compete with the solid wood doors in the high-end market, it is not the right time, and you cannot force it. At any stage, we must follow the laws of the market.

Tang Jianping, general manager of Guangzhou Aimeimei Industry Co., Ltd.: I think the advantages of steel doors are unmatched by any other products in the world, at least at present it cannot be replaced or surpassed. This determines that the steel door products can gain a firm foothold in the market for a long time. Even if the market share of steel doors will be phased down, but it will eventually rise up. It is in line with people's pursuit of low-carbon and environmental protection. It is a very good product. Therefore, I have always believed that steel doors will firmly establish their foothold in the Chinese market.

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