Improve Management Mechanism, Henan Promotes Strategic Industrial Structure Adjustment

Henan is a large province with a large population and a major industrial province. From January to November 2009, the industrial economic benefits of Henan Province continued to grow steadily. The income from the main business of industrial enterprises above designated size achieved double-digit positive growth for the first time, and the profit growth continued to increase year-on-year. In the harsh winter of the financial crisis, the newly established Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology contributed a lot, and was fully affirmed and highly appraised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.
On March 1, 2009, Henan Province set up the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology earlier in the country. At this time, it was a crucial moment to deal with the financial crisis. It was in the difficult period of Henan's industrial economy, facing the financial crisis and implementing institutions. The dual primary task of reform. In accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology quickly set up six temporary working groups under the circumstances that the institutions, personnel and functions were not in place, and set up the side to carry out work, and achieved reform and work. And two promotion.
In the process of responding to the crisis, the Office of Industry and Information Technology has not waited, actively and promptly invested, achieved integration in the work, and strengthened its responsibilities and means in the integration, which not only realized that the mind was not chaotic, the team did not scatter, and the work continued, Trained the team and gathered together.
With the strong support and guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, under the strong leadership and specific guidance of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the leadership team of the department unites and leads the broad masses of cadres and workers to think, channel, and quickly enter new jobs. The role, earnestly fulfilling all responsibilities, and achieving a gratifying situation of war crisis and guaranteeing growth and victory, promoted Henan's industrial restructuring and transformation. Through research and development of some major initiatives to turn the industry into a crisis, the tasks of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the provincial party committee and the provincial government have been successfully completed.
For the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, which was established in the context of the financial crisis, dangers and opportunities coexist. If the conditions are not met in all aspects, it is necessary to enter the main battlefield of the war crisis; the machine is the mechanism of the financial crisis, testing and testing the cadres, and training the team.
Through 9 months of operation, the team of the Office of Industry and Information Technology, which consists of 6 departments and units and nearly 200 administrative staff, has grown into the main force in the process of industrialization in Henan. At present, the whole hall is working closely around the center. The mind is going to think about it, and it is hard to go to a place to form a strong work force, and initially create a new situation for all work.
The biggest difficulty of the newly formed CITIC Hall is substantive integration. The biggest task is to carry out normal work. In the future, all the halls will be full of enthusiasm, more innovative attitude, and more solid style, and fully devote themselves to all kinds of work, so that the people will not be scattered, the team will not be chaotic, the work will not stop, and the provincial party committee will be fulfilled. The various responsibilities assigned by the provincial government play a major role in maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting the structure, and strive to create a new situation in Henan's industrial and information work.
In the post-crisis period, how to achieve breakthroughs in the development of Henan's industry and informatization, overtaking the corners, and occupying the strategic commanding heights of future development has become a major issue. Therefore, we must rationalize the relationship as soon as possible and open up the work channels. We must adhere to the road of new industrialization, strengthen and improve the management of industrial industries and industrial economic operations, continuously transform and upgrade traditional industries, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, deepen the assistance of small and medium-sized enterprises, and vigorously promote the construction of information technology.
Main responsibilities (1) Put forward the province's new industrialization development strategy and policy, coordinate and solve major problems in the process of new industrialization, formulate and organize the implementation of the province's industrial and information development planning, promote the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, optimize and upgrade, and promote Informatization and industrialization.
(2) Formulating and organizing the implementation of the province's industrial industry planning, planning and industrial policies, proposing policy recommendations for optimizing the industrial layout and structure, drafting relevant local laws and regulations, drafting technical specifications and standards, and organizing implementation to guide the quality of the industry. Management work.
(3) Monitoring and analyzing the industrial operation situation of the province, counting and releasing relevant information, conducting forecasting and early warning and information guidance, coordinating and solving relevant problems in the operation and development of the industry, and proposing policy recommendations, responsible for industrial emergency management, industrial safety and national defense mobilization. .
(4) Responsible for proposing the scale and direction of the province's industrial and informatized fixed assets investment (including the use of foreign capital and overseas investment), the national counterparts and the province's financial arrangements for industrial and informational financial construction, in accordance with the State Council and the provincial government. Provision of authority approval, approval of fixed assets investment projects within the national and provincial plans and annual planned scale.
(5) Organizing the implementation of national biotechnology, new materials, aerospace, information industry and other planning, policies and standards in the national high-tech industry, guiding industry technological innovation and technological progress, upgrading and upgrading traditional industries with advanced and applicable technologies, and organizing the implementation of the state And the province's major science and technology projects, promote the industrialization of relevant scientific research results, and promote the development of the province's software industry, information services industry and emerging industries.
(6) To assume the responsibility of organizing and coordinating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in the province, organize the formulation of major technical equipment development and independent innovation plans and policies, and rely on the implementation of major national special projects for the coordination of national and provincial key projects, and promote the localization of major technical equipment and guidance. Introduce digestive innovation of major technical equipment.
(7) Formulating and organizing the implementation of the province's industrial and informatization energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, clean production promotion policies, participation in the formulation of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, cleaner production promotion planning, organization and coordination of relevant major demonstration projects and new products, Promotion and application of new technologies, new equipment and new materials.
(8) Promote the reform and management innovation of the province's industrial and information systems, improve the overall quality and core competitiveness of the industry, and guide relevant industries to strengthen safety production management.
(9) Researching and proposing the province's coal industry development policies and recommendations; formulating the province's coal industry development plan, industry policies and technical standards and organizing implementation; coordinating the province's coal and coalbed methane development and comprehensive utilization, standardizing and rectifying coal production according to law And the business order; together with the relevant departments to approve and review the technical transformation projects of coal mines according to the prescribed authority.
(10) Responsible for the macro guidance of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province, and work with relevant departments to formulate relevant policies and measures to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and non-state-owned economy, supervise and check the implementation, be responsible for the construction of financing service system for small and medium-sized enterprises, and coordinate and solve major problems. .
(11) Coordinating the promotion of informationization in the province, organizing relevant policies and coordinating major issues in informatization construction, promoting the integration of telecommunications, radio and television and computer networks, guiding and coordinating the development of e-government and e-commerce, and promoting cross-industry and cross- The interconnection and sharing of departments and the development, utilization and sharing of important information resources.
(12) Unified planning, configuration and management of the province's radio spectrum resources, supervision and management of radio stations (stations) in accordance with the law, coordination of radio management related matters between military and military, responsible for radio monitoring, detection, interference investigation, coordination and handling of electromagnetic interference matters, Maintain the order of airwaves, organize the implementation of radio control in accordance with the law, and uniformly manage the provincial radio supervision and administration institutions.
(13) Responsible for the responsibility of relevant information security management, responsible for coordinating and maintaining the construction of the province's information security and information security system, guiding and supervising the security of important information systems and basic information networks of government departments and key industries, and coordinating the handling of information security. Major events.
(14) To undertake other matters assigned by the provincial government.

Recent work focuses on improving execution, vigorously promoting the integration of the two industries, thoroughly implementing the scientific development concept, thoroughly implementing the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, and aiming at the construction of a€?a carrier and three systemsa€? proposed by the provincial party committee and the provincial government to serve enterprises. In order to grasp the hand, take the construction of industrial agglomeration area as the carrier, focus on improving execution, plan in advance, meticulously organize, make overall plans, highlight key points, and vigorously promote, vigorously promote the integration of informationization and industrialization, and further enhance the industrial economy of the province. The comprehensive competitiveness has made due contributions to taking a new road to industrialization and realizing a strong industrial province. Mainly from eight aspects:
Go all out to catch the run. The first is to strengthen monitoring and analysis, further improve the operational monitoring network platform, and establish a three-level linkage system and information exchange system for provinces, cities and counties. The second is to strengthen the protection of factors, do a good job in coal, electricity and oil transportation, and coordinate the coordination of various production factors. The third is to strengthen emergency coordination, formulate industrial emergency plans, enhance emergency response capabilities, and guide key industrial enterprises to do a good job in emergency reserve.
Firmly do not shift the structure. The first is to implement the adjustment and revitalization plan for the top ten industries in Henan Province. Focusing on strategic support industries and strategic leading industries, we will formulate specific implementation opinions, with food and textile as breakthroughs, and vigorously promote implementation. Seriously do a good job in the preparation of the a€?Twelfth Five-Year Plana€? in the field of industry and information technology in Henan Province. Accelerate the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the provincial government, and promote the national pilot project for the establishment of a credit system for food industry enterprises. The second is to implement the "Double Hundred Project." Actively implement 10 major technological transformation projects such as auto parts and parts, and deep processing of non-ferrous metals. We will vigorously promote the construction of five emerging industries such as electric vehicles, new batteries, biomedicine, super-hard materials and green lighting, and focus on the implementation of the recent action plan for the development of the electric vehicle industry. The third is to improve the development level of industrial clusters. Efforts will be made to cultivate a number of national and provincial demonstration bases for new industrialized industries. Actively undertake industrial transfer and do a good job in the implementation of contracted projects.
Deepen the service to help the enterprise. Establish a work mechanism to promote the implementation of service enterprises, establish a dynamic management mechanism for key enterprises, carry out the cultivation of key enterprises, and do a good job in personalizing services for enterprises. Establish a docking mechanism for production, supply and marketing, and build a public network platform for production, supply and marketing in Henan Province. Establish a working mechanism of a€?enterprise call through traina€? to form a work pattern for the collection of through trains and the specific work undertaken by various departments.
Strengthen management and grasp the industry. Improve the modern industrial planning system and formulate an annual action plan for industry development. Improve product quality and standardization system, and organize brand building work. We will improve the industry access and energy conservation and emission reduction work system, and complete the annual industrial system energy conservation target verification and strict industry access, focusing on the use of economic leverage and the idea of a€?a€?a€?adjusting structure, card source, building platform, pushing technology and heavy mechanisma€?. Means to establish an exit mechanism for excess capacity such as steel, cement, coal chemical, and nonferrous metals.
Highlight the SMEs to help. First, implement the spirit of the State Council's "Several Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" and actively promote the construction of a service system for small and medium-sized enterprises in Henan Province. The second is to improve the construction of the SME guarantee system. The establishment of the provincial SME guarantee group will be completed before the end of the year. Explore the establishment of a credit guarantee institution risk compensation mechanism, and initially establish a regulatory system and exit mechanism. The third is to do a good job in piloting the regional SME property rights trading market. The Henan Provincial Technology Property Exchange was recently identified as the only pilot institution in the central province by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The fourth is to improve the financing level of SMEs. Continue to organize financial institutions and SMEs to coordinate activities in different areas and levels. The fifth is to strengthen entrepreneurship counseling for SMEs. Guide all counties (cities, districts) to build entrepreneurial bases with rolling incubation functions in industrial clusters, and select 1,000 small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out key assistance.
Strengthening coal management is not weakened. Henan is a large coal province, and coal mines are high-risk industries. The management of the coal industry can only be strengthened and cannot be weakened. First, safety is the first. Adhere to the grassroots to lay the foundation and truly implement the safety production responsibilities and measures to the grassroots, teams and the scene. The second is service first. Strengthen the technical transformation of coal mines, improve coal production conditions, and accelerate the reform of coal business qualification approval. The third is to strengthen supervision. Strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in coal production and operation, and accelerate the construction of long-term mechanisms. The fourth is to expand the industry. Continue to support large enterprises with advantages to implement strategic restructuring with assets, resources, brands and markets as the link.
Promote the level of informatization construction. We will comprehensively promote the informationization speed-up project, formulate "Several Opinions on Vigorously Promoting the Integration of the Two Industries", complete the construction of a unified network platform for e-government at the provincial level as soon as possible, and accelerate the construction of application platforms such as e-commerce and enterprise basic information sharing. In-depth implementation of the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" signed by the provincial government and China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom to accelerate the construction of information infrastructure. Strengthen radio management, perform duties properly, and act as "air police."
Strengthen self-construction and grasp norms. Focusing on the construction of leading groups, the construction of cadres and the construction of work styles, with the "two turns and two mentions" as the carrier, we will grasp the team, bring teams, promote work, and step up, strengthen research on major issues, and accelerate the establishment of work systems and operational mechanisms. Building a learning, innovative, and harmonious organization.

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