How to use the welding machine cable and precautions

"Electric welding" "target=_blank> how to use the cable and precautions for electric welding" target=_blank> machine cable and other cables are very different, first of all, when the welding machine is working, you must ensure a strong current through Therefore, its special cable must be reached on the electric conductor. Therefore, as long as the cable is on the electric welder, the inner guide core has a large thickness, which is also necessary when we purchase it. The first problem to be noticed is also the most basic requirement for the living manufacturer. If the internal conductive core is found to be very thin at the time of purchase, it is naturally unqualified.
In addition to achieving a strong current flow, it must also achieve a very high heat resistance. The heat is also the biggest performance of the electric welder. It will generate a lot of heat while working, and this heat will be transmitted to the electric welding. The electromechanical "target=_blank> machine cable, plus it itself will also generate great thermal energy, so its heat resistance must be achieved, if it is to achieve heat resistance, it must be on the external insulation To do the processing, it also requires manufacturers to have good technology at the same time of production. If the insulation treatment technology is not available, it is naturally difficult to produce qualified products.
While the electric welding machine is working, it has different environments. Under different circumstances, it is possible to move the electric welding machine "target=_blank> machine cable, so while the inner conductive core is thickened, For the treatment of its surface insulation, it must also ensure its softness. If the softness is not achieved, although it can guarantee the safety and durability of its use, it cannot be used at the same time as the user. This technology is more important. Therefore, when purchasing this special cable, we must choose the products produced by powerful manufacturers. ?”μ???<a href= How to use the machine cable and precautions "> Edit: (Hardware Business Network Information Center) How to use the welding machine cable and precautions

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