How to properly dilute pesticides

Correct, rational and scientific dilution of pesticides is an important condition for saving money, preventing waste, and ensuring efficacy. Different pesticides and different dilution methods:

?€€?€€ 1, diluted powder pesticide: Usually powder pesticide in use without dilution, but tall crop plants, when grown dense, the limited drug is uniformly sprayed on the surface of the crop, may be added to a certain amount of filler diluted.

?€€?€€ 2 , the dilution of wettable powder: usually take a two-step preparation method, that is, first add a small amount of water to fully select the fat to prepare a thicker "mother liquid", and then add water to dilute to the desired concentration.

?€€?€€ 3 , the dilution of liquid pesticides: according to the amount of dilution of the liquid and the strength of the drug, depending on the amount of liquid can be directly diluted. When more, take a two-step preparation method. First, dilute the pesticide into a mother liquor with a small amount of water, then pour the prepared mother liquor into the prepared clean water in proportion, and mix well.

?€€?€€ 4 , granule pesticide dilution: granule pesticides have low active ingredients, mostly more than 5% , so granules can be diluted with the same filler.


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