How to install QDLF light vertical multistage pump correctly

QDLF light vertical multistage pump is a major breakthrough in scientific and technological research and development in recent years, the pump body with small size, light weight, beautiful and so on. Correct installation and use can effectively extend the life of the instrument, the following Let Xiaobian to introduce how to properly install QDLF light vertical multi-stage pump. How to correctly install QDLF light vertical multi-stage pump QDLF light vertical multistage pump Installation instructions: 1, the installation of pipe weight should not bear on the pump, or vulnerable ring pump; 2, the pump is the overall structure of the motor, The factory has been factory calibrated, so no need to adjust the installation, so the installation is very convenient; 3, before installing the pump should carefully check whether there is any impact on the pump runner pump running hard material (such as rocks, iron sand, etc.) 4, the installation must be tightened anchor bolts, and every interval in fact, should check the pump during the passage to prevent its loosening, so as to avoid the pump starts violent vibration and affect the performance; 5, in order to repair Convenient and safe to use. Install a regulating valve on the pump inlet and outlet piping and install a pressure gauge around the pump inlet and outlet. For high lift, in order to prevent water hammer, a check valve should be installed in front of the outlet gate In order to cope with sudden power outages and other lost power accidents, so as to ensure that the pump in the best explosion-proof vacuum oil filter operating conditions, increasing the life of the pump; 6, the pump for a suction occasion, should be installed Valve, and the inlet pipe should not have too many corners, at the same time there is no leakage, leakage phenomenon, so as not to affect the suction pump performance; 7, in order to prevent impurities from entering the pump blockage flow channel affect performance, should be in the pump In front of the entrance to install filters; 8, before installing the rotor pump rotor components, there should be no friction sound or stuck phenomenon, or should open the pump to check the reasons. 1, the inlet pipe must be highly sealed, can not leak, leak; 2, prohibit long-term operation of the pump in cavitation; 3, prohibit the pump running in large flow conditions, the motor over-current long-term operation; 4, regular inspection pump The value of the motor current in operation, try to make the pump run in the design conditions; 5, the pump in operation should be someone care, in order to avoid accidents; 6, the pump should be carried out every 500 hours of operation to refuel; 7, the pump for long After running, due to mechanical wear and tear, so that the unit noise and vibration increases, parking should be checked, the need to change into the vulnerable parts and bearings, unit overhaul period is generally one year. 8, mechanical seal lubricating fluid should be clean without solid particles. 9, mechanical seals are strictly prohibited in the case of dry grinding; 10, should be activated before the start of pump (motor) a few times, so as not to suddenly cause a mechanical seal rupture damage. Further reading: Motor IFAT China's top ten brands Guangzhou Exhibition building water pump manufacturers ranking ptc Show article belongs to Internet industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network Editor : Gogoing (QQ / wechat:) starting: (service hotline:)

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