How to design high-rise residential feng shui

A good high-rise residential feng shui, it will be related to whether its own business is booming, whether the family is harmonious and whether the family is healthy, etc. As a popular elevator apartment, today's society, what are the taboos for high-rise residential feng shui? When everyone walks together, the mysterious world of Feng Shui.

High-rise residential feng shui taboo living room

There is no taboo between the living room and the gate. The outside air goes straight into the house, and the yang in the house is scattered and unsuitable. It is usually the best high-rise residential feng shui by the porch or low cabinet.

High-rise residential feng shui taboo balcony

The balcony is said to be an important area of a€?a€?the residential feng shui. It belongs to the lighting area, and belongs to the Jinxing. The main family is wealthy. The taboo is for the gate. It will be called a€?wearing the hearta€? in Feng Shui, and it will not be easy to gather wealth at home. There are always things that break the money.

High-rise residential feng shui taboo kitchen

In the high-rise residential feng shui, the kitchen is a fire, and the feng shui water line, so in the design of the house, it can not be placed on the balcony door, the big station or the kitchen door, easy to enter the room, it should also be the home Reverse, avoid the kitchen door to the stove, avoid the relative to the toilet, the stove is behind the empty space, avoid the safety on the waterway, the stove avoids the beam top and so on.

High-rise residential feng shui taboo

Among the high-rise residential feng shui, the housing type is lacking in four corners, and it is a big murderer: if a house is short of four corners, it is a big murderous house and definitely cannot be accommodated. Cold shoulders on the roof, long-term disasters, and the roof of the house is neat and grotesque.

High-rise residential feng shui is a profound knowledge of the door, and its different feng shui in different spaces will also be different. For ordinary people, it is difficult to master all the time. It is necessary to understand the feng shui taboos of some high-rise houses.

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