How to debug and check before starting the spraying machine?

How to debug and check before starting the spraying machine?

How to debug the spraying machine before starting it? Will you perform routine inspections? Is your inspection in place? In order to avoid your worries and to enable you to easily use the rewinding machine, the Henan Reliculant machine manufacturer tells you what to do before starting the machine.
1. Check whether the contact points of the sprayed electrical and electronic control system are firm and whether there is any leakage.
2. Observe the oil window and check whether the lubricant in the reducer is sufficient (half the lubricating oil reaches the oil window is sufficient).
3, check whether the joints of the components of the spraying machine are correct and firm.
4. Run the spraying machine for a short time to master the rotation (note that the running direction is consistent with the arrow, and do not idle for a long time).
5. Check the pressing force exerted by the pressing mechanism on the rubber plate. First move the nut wrench on the pressing device rod and press it tightly. Then tighten 2-3 times until the rubber plate does not leak.
6, check the rubber plate clamping degree. Open the air valve, bend the feed pipe, when the pressure is about 0.3MPa, there is no pressure air leakage at the rubber plate. About 1/2 turn of the machine, when stopped, the rotor stopped immediately and turned slightly back (due to the elasticity of the pressing mechanism).
After the above inspections are done and there are no problems, you can spray it. If you have any questions, please contact the company.

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