How to choose Miller welder

First, the United States Miller welding machine purchase guide:

Each Miller welder has a serial number when it is produced. The welder serial number consists of two letters and six digits, two of which represent the year of production, and ABCDEFGHJK stands for Arabic numerals. For example, the welder manufactured in 1999 has the serial number: KK******. Another example is that the welding machine manufactured in 2000 is LA******, and in 2001 it is LB******. The last 6 digits are the serial number of the factory. Since the data of each welder is recorded in the Miller factory, Miller's technical support and warranty after-sales service can be obtained through the serial number of the welder. It can also be used to verify if the welder is producing Miller. Verifying the true and false welder can be verified by the welder serial number. English is Serial No. Genuine equipment is guaranteed by equipment purchased by Miller authorized agents.

Second, how to choose Miller welder

Before purchasing a Miller welder, you need to determine the following example:

1). Welding method? (STICK) manual arc welding / (MIG) gas shielded welding / (TIG) argon arc welding / (SAW) submerged arc welding / plasma cutting 2). Input power? Single phase / three phase / no power? 3). Output power? Light industry (230A) / industrial (300A) / heavy industry (450A) / generator power supply? 4). Welding metal? Steel/stainless steel/nickel alloy/aluminum and aluminum alloy/cast iron/magnesium and magnesium alloy/titanium and titanium alloy/copper and copper alloy? 5). Your industry? Steel structure / shipbuilding / container / pipe welding / automotive / metallurgy / heavy machinery / marine engineering / petrochemical / mold / non-ferrous metals?

According to the above aspects, check the Miller product information, select the specific product model that is suitable for your production, and then consult with the local Miller authorized agent. The agent will provide the quotation plan within 24 hours. Because the domestic market has a large number of counterfeit and refurbished US Miller welding machine, so when purchasing the American Miller welding machine, it is best to check whether the agent is authorized by Miller to the various parts of Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the Chinese headquarters of Miller, USA. Perfect after-sales service and warranty service. Otherwise, your equipment will not be able to get Miller's warranty service. (Ju Lida Technology).

Third, understand the history of Miller:

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in Wisconsin in 1929. Its original intention is that as long as the Miller welder is used, your work will become more and more convenient. After several years of development, Miller welders have a large market share in North America, Europe and around the world with their high standards of quality and value. In 1993, Miller Electric Co., Ltd. passed the "ISO 9001" quality system certification (the first US manufacturer of welding equipment through the "ISO 9001"). In the same year, Miller joined the "ITW Welding Industry Group" and became a Fortune 500 company and a NASDAQ listed company. In 2004, ITW Group invested in Beijing Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to provide a wide range of training services and after-sales support for domestic users, as well as some gas shielded welders. At present, Miller has offices in East China, North China, South China, Northwest China, Southwest China, and Oil and Gas Offices, and is responsible for guiding the sales and after-sales services of authorized agents in the district.

1. Miller welder design factory test: After more than 70 years of development, Miller welder has mature technology, stable welder quality and strong professionalism. Miller welders of all types have undergone extensive in-plant testing before they are introduced to the market. Including: durability test, dust test, rain test, moisture resistance test, temperature change test, high frequency test, anti-wave test, anti-vehicle impact test, drop test, fishing force test, anti-UV aging test .

2, Miller welding machine after-sales warranty: Miller welding machine from the United States when the general warranty for 3 years, inverter IGBT warranty for 5 years. The specific warranty content of each welder can refer to the specific provisions of the user manual.

3, Miller welder design life: Miller welder design life is 15 years, the actual service life can reach more than 20 years. This depends on your usage.

4. The US Miller welder's duty ratio is compared with China, Japan and Europe models:

The duty ratio is the continuous welding capability of the welder. American Miller used a 10-minute standard test. For example, if the welder duty ratio is 450A: 100%, it means that the welding current can be continuously welded when it does not exceed 450A. When the welding machine has a duty ratio of 450A: 60%, the welding current can be continuously welded for 6 minutes every 10 minutes at 450A, and the rest is 4 minutes. China, Japan and Europe all use the 5-minute standard test. Therefore, the US Miller welder has a higher duty ratio than Japan, China and Europe.

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