How to choose decoration company? 4 steps to choose a decoration company!

The first difficult renovation, selected companies! Yes, you are not mistaken. There are tens of thousands of large and small decoration companies , either to say that they are doing buy-one-get-one activities; or to say that their products are unique; there are various packages and closed contracts, etc., so many decoration companies To choose a reliable, for the first time the decoration of the people, it is too difficult!

Really, the decoration company is not difficult to find, how difficult is how to distinguish the decoration company's good or bad!

If the decoration company falsely reports prices, adds random items, and has poor construction quality ..... Well, this home you don't want to live comfortable, will give you a "surprise" for a period of time, really desperate .

So, how to choose a decoration company?

Based on my many years of experience in the decoration industry, I teach you a few ways to judge the decoration company.

Check the sky

When you know the name of the decoration company, you don't have to rush to do it. Go online and do a preliminary investigation.

"Who will not check the Internet? This will teach you to do it."

Don't be fooled. I certainly know that there are too many sources of information on the Internet. It is hard to distinguish between true and false. What I want to say today is an authoritative website:

This is an enterprise information inquiry website. If you enter the company name, you can find out the company's basic information (registration time, registered capital, company status, etc.), legal person information, business status, and so on.

Come and give a chestnut, for example, the best of the decoration industry:

Look at the renovation case

After checking online, write down the name of the decoration company that you think is good. The general decoration company will have its own website or public number to see their decoration case.

We must remind everyone here that we must look at the real picture. You can download hundreds of megabytes on the Internet if you want to do it yourself. You can't see the level of this decoration company.

In addition, when looking at the case, it is best to ask some decoration details at the same time. For example: How long is the duration of the installation? How much is the budget? Why does the bathroom tile choose this? The more details you have, the more you can get. The more information you have, the better you can tell if this case is true or not.

If this decoration company does not come up with a real case, the style is worth .... Then hurry to retreat.

Go to the field trip

You see, the above two steps have helped you eliminate most of the company. The rest will run errands. Now it will not run. The decoration company has not chosen it. When you run.

The field trip is not for you to look at, but to take a look at the purpose. The following, we try to understand:

1) The company's professional standards: Good at designing, good at construction, etc.;

2) The size of the company: the number of stores, the number of employees, the number of design teams, the number of construction teams, etc. The scale of comparison, national or local)

3) The nature of the company: Joined or directly operated, do not underestimate this point, many of the Internet decoration companies that have recently been drained are of an affiliate nature.

4) Services provided by the company: look at the after-sales service, understand the timeliness of the warranty service, and the number of years after the sale. Look again at what the company can offer and what other decoration companies do.

5) The company's process standards: to understand the decoration company's construction process to see if they get a process patent is a good reference value, it is best to go to their site to see

6) The company's honors and qualifications: Qualifications (certifications, awards, etc.) of the company, as well as the registration of business registration information, the Home Improvement Association is divided into company A, B, and C companies according to company qualifications;

Site inspection

After the inspection of the company, the construction site must also be inspected, and the construction site can better see the management level of the home improvement company. A decoration company that can maintain strict standards on all sites can at least remove more than 50% of the troubles in the renovation process.

Of course, don't look at the inter-model site arranged by the decoration company. You understand that there are ingredients for the show. It's best to randomly sample and look around at the renovation company's construction site under construction. In general, a larger decoration company basically has no problem with these points.

1, the first impression of the entrance environment

Do not think that the entrance hallway is not important, the effective protection of the entrance environment, can reduce the neighborhood complaints, so that decoration is more smooth, the decoration company understand the market will not omit this piece, at least a customer experience to make a glance.

a€¢ Protect the floor of the entrance hallway, store materials neatly, and remove the old garbage and bag it in a corner that does not affect walking.

Cut off the curtain when there is no door; protect it with a professional protective cover after the door is in place to prevent the scratches from being stained.

2, the living room to see the logo is complete

You can usually see the living room when you enter the door. It is natural to see if it is clean or dirty. A good decoration company looks clean and tidy at first glance, but the general site is dirty and poor, which means that behind the company's poor supervision, it is time to give them a discount. Of course, cleanliness is not nothing at all. Let's take this as an example and introduce some of the major signs for everyone.

?· If you see such a dirty site, you can discount the company.

?·The formal decoration company will generally put the qualification certificate and decoration permit on the wall

Some decoration companies will even post technical requirements at the bottom of the wall. Those who are interested can use this to see if the workers are working rigorously.

3, the construction details to see the level

If we say that more of the above is the attitude of the construction team and the companies behind them through the construction site, then this step is to really look at their technical level.

?· The water and electricity pipelines are straight and tidy, strong and weak electricity are separated, and details such as slotting are also handled perfectly without sloppy.

The muddy woodworkers saw whether their craft was stable and whether they paid attention to details when laying.

a€¢ See if there is any obvious color in the brushing color, and there are no double colors in the overlying position.

All of the above has been done. The decoration companies that choose to go through are probably not a problem. In addition to the choice of the decoration company , the choice of the designer is also the key. Next time, I will go to the manuscript in detail!

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