How much does it cost to change one meter of water and electricity? There is such a big difference

Hydropower renovation refers to the renovation of all or part of the waterway and circuit used by the original developer according to the decoration configuration, family population, lifestyle, and aesthetic concepts. Hydroelectric reform is divided into waterway reconstruction and circuit reconstruction. How much does it cost to change water and electricity ? With the current increase in the cost of renovation work, the hydropower reform project is the issue that we need to understand the most. The hydropower reform belongs to the concealed project of decoration. In the payment of decoration costs, although the payment of each construction process seems to be relatively It's cheap, but if you calculate the whole process of water and electricity decoration, it should be more expensive, so you need to budget well in advance. Let's now tell us concretely how much it costs to change water and electricity .

First, waterway reconstruction

1, 20PP-R water pipe (concealed): 60 yuan / m b.20PP-R water pipe (surface mounted): 45 yuan / m c. launching installation (50PVC pipe): 60 yuan / m PS: PP-R The tube is Weixing or Kinder. The water is a plastic pipe

2. Each meter has one equal-diameter and different-diameter pipe sleeves and one 90-degree elbow.

3, does not contain valve hardware

4,25 water pipes plus 10 yuan per meter

5, less than one meter by one meter

6, perforated additional charges, bearing wall 40 yuan / month, non-load-bearing wall 20 yuan / month

7, PP-R pipes are thick skin 2.8 hot water pipes.

8, under the water pipe calculated by 50 more than 50 to negotiate.

Second, strong electric installation materials and prices

Flame-retardant electrical pipe not more than 3 threads, such as over 3 roots plus 5 yuan per meter. The wires in the tube have no joints, and the junction box is used at the point of distribution. Switch socket bottom box 86 type 10 yuan / month, 118 type 15 yuan / month, 4 square meters per meter plus 10 yuan. Multiple pipes and slots are billed by multiple dark lines. After grooving the tube, fill it with plaster or cement mortar. Dark tube: 35 yuan / meter, Ming tube: 25 yuan / meter, material: PVC wire thick cold bend pipe, wire.


There are six main contents for inspection of three hydropower reform workers

1. The wire conduit should be unblocked, and the conduit wire should be drawn back and forth by hand. It should be able to twitch so that the damaged wire can be replaced later.

2. Check the socket wire sequence with the electric pen or socket detector. It must be left zero and right fire on the ground.

3. Check the switch wire sequence with the electric pen. The switch must control the fire wire.

4. Check the test button of the leakage protector or check the leakage protector with the socket detector. The operation must be flexible.

5, using the insulation resistance meter to detect the insulation resistance of the loop is not less than 0.5M ohms.

6, open the main valve, hand touch to the drainage pipe joints to be tight, no water leakage, drainage should be smooth.


IV. Precautions for hydropower reform

1, living room circuit transformation

The position of the wire needs to be considered in advance, and the reserved work is done. Generally speaking, it is necessary to leave a telephone line at the edge of the sofa, and to leave a doorbell line at the inside of the door. The water dispenser, humidifier and other devices are reserved for power. In general, living rooms should have at least five power cords.

2, bedroom circuit transformation

Reserve a power cord at the top of the bedside table and use a 5-hole patch panel with a switch to minimize the trouble of not switching on the bedside light.

3, bathroom waterway transformation

The content of the transformation of the bathroom waterway is relatively large. The installation positions of the wash basin, toilet, bath tub and washing machine must be arranged in advance, and whether or not the hot water pipe needs to be arranged in advance should be properly handled. Otherwise, the backwater phenomenon will be caused in the future.

4, kitchen hydropower reform

When remodeling the kitchen waterway, we must first determine the location of the water heater installation, so as to determine the installation location of hot and cold water pipes, and carry out waterway reconstruction.


Fourth, how much does it cost to change water and electricity?

The general line cost is one meter: the two wires are each one meter 4 yuan, the thread pipe one meter one yuan, the labor fee is 10 yuan, the other pipe hoop, waterproof tape is 0.5 yuan total: 15.5 yuan waterway is now generally used Jinde, Weixing The difference between the price of the three most common materials of Rifeng and the price difference of the three is not one meter of the cost of the waterway: Tube 5.5 to 7 yuan, direct, cornering, etc. 2 to 5 yuan, 20 wire elbows 8 to 10 yuan Not equal to 10 yuan fee: about 30 yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

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