How many sockets do you need to fit in a house?

Although the outlet is not large, its planning and installation are of great impact on the quality of life. Many homeowners did not realize the importance of switch sockets at the beginning of the renovation. They thought that it was only in the final installation part that they needed a specific number of statistics. This is not true. Let's look at how we can make ourselves aware of the bottom line.

When should sockets begin to pay attention?

Sockets are items that facilitate the use of electrical appliances that connect circuits in daily life. They should be related to electricity. Therefore, attention should be paid to starting water and electricity. Construction of water and electricity is an important project in decoration. Walls are to be grooved during construction of water and electricity. The worker's master will determine the point of the socket according to the designer's construction drawing. If you do not communicate with the designer in time, you will have a lot of trouble.
Where do you want to install the outlet and install several?
When communicating with the designer, you must clearly express your intentions to the designer. Then the designer will modify the construction drawings according to your requirements:
Living room: 3+1+1 TV background wall (ie: 3 strong power sockets + 1 network socket + 1 limited TV) If you need it, you can reserve another air conditioning socket.
Sofa wall 1*1/2*2 (ie: 1 telephone socket on the left and 1 floor lamp socket on the right/add a spare strong outlet on both sides of the flower socket and floor lamp socket)
PS: The advantage of reserving sockets is that if your relatives and friends are at home when their mobile phone is out of power and the number of people is high, this is your home's outlets.
Kitchen 1+2/1+2+1 (ie: 1 range hood socket + 2 high power sockets / 1 range hood + 2 high power sockets + 1 power socket) PS: Kitchen used to wash dishes It is easy to get wet and it is not suitable to install ordinary type sockets, so use a splashproof type socket. People will put the washing machine in the kitchen so they will be "1 + 2 +1", mainly depends on the design of the designer to deploy according to their own circumstances.
Bathroom 3*1 (ie : 3 strong electricity) PS: The bathroom also uses splash-proof sockets, hair dryers and water heaters. The most important one is to install a socket next to the toilet to prevent the owner from using a smart toilet!
Bedroom: TV background wall 3+1+1 (synchronized with the living room TV background wall)
Bedside background wall 1*1/2*2 (synchronized with the living room sofa background)
PS: If the owners have special needs, remember to reserve one more!
Balcony 1 / 1 +1 (ie: 1 strong / 1 strong + 1 strong) PS: Some designs will be made into a closed terrace balcony on the bar, which is to reserve a more socket .

After introducing the outlets, we will briefly introduce something that is closely related to the outlets. Switch and socket are performed at the same time. The switch has the difference between dual control and single control. Each unit of the dual control has one more terminal than the single control. A lamp can be controlled in the room, outside the room can also be controlled as dual control, dual control switch can be used as a single control, but the single control switch can not be dual control.

Dual-control switches provide great convenience for people's lives. For example, at night, they do not need to get up and go to the door to turn off the lights. They only need to press the switch on the bedside. There are often used places: between the kitchen and the living room, two large living rooms, both inside and outside of the balcony, etc. These all have to look at each person's life habits, so when you think about it, you need to have more eyes.
The fixed nature of the switch does not have a large variability in the socket. In many cases, the switch cannot be placed in a well-designed position due to an error problem in the previous period. Therefore, it is also possible to make a final determination at the construction site.

Editing message: The above are some basic summaries, but also according to the design style and characteristics of each individual to be arranged. Switching socket is of course very important, but there are many aspects in the home decoration need to pay attention to, I hope my summary to you Help.

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