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With the continuous improvement of living standards, many people are paying attention to the home decoration that often lives. However, in recent years, many people popularize fashionable elements and choose ceilings during the renovation. This is not only very good. Expanding space can also make the entire roof more beautiful. What about Reston's integrated ceiling ?

Reston's integrated ceiling has great advantages in performance compared to traditional ceilings, and there has been great progress in both design and material selection. Next, Xiaobian will combine Reston's integrated ceiling official website information to introduce Reston's integrated ceiling in detail, giving you more insight into Reston's integrated ceiling.

First, Reston integrated ceiling color and shape

In the use of color and shape, because of Reston's higher positioning in the brand and products, so the design must be consistent with the brand and product positioning, so that high-end products to show themselves in a high-end stage, the color we have chosen The combination of dark gray, light gray and red with strong sense of texture and weight combine with white, giving the space a sense of depth while highlighting the brand and the quality of the product, allowing consumers to feel the brand's temperament culture as soon as they enter the terminal. The use of a bevel shape that is less frequently used in the market makes the shape more powerful. At the same time, the shape is unique, and it can also increase the degree of awareness to some extent.

Second, Reston integrated ceiling design

First of all, in terms of design elements, combined with some of the design concepts of the world's top retail brands, adding Reston's unique brand texture in the terminal space, so as to increase the memory points in the terminal image, giving consumers a better visual sensation. , With psychological feelings, thereby deepening consumer awareness of the brand more. Brand texture, because of its uniqueness and non-replicability, thus increasing the vitality and diversity of the terminal, and distance from the relevant competing products.

Third, Reston integrated ceiling innovative installation method

The groundbreaking a€?Ye Lada€? installation method allows the entire module to be embedded in the keel as soon as it is gently pulled down, allowing the internal installation to be completed within one second, completely breaking the previous bracket-type cumbersome installation method, and maximizing the degree of Reduced the workload of the installer. Once the product is on the market, it will cause industry shocks. The product's advent is a new and revolutionary starting point for the integrated ceiling industry. The Reston Company has applied for a national utility model patent. This new installation method has been applied to all the products in the Reston kitchen ceiling and has completely eliminated the bracket installation method.

Four, Reston integrated ceiling material selection

Many building materials markets lack standards, so many non-standard aluminum buckles with thicknesses of 0.3-0.4mm are popular because of their low prices. Not only are the surface appearances not smooth enough to look good, but also the important function of ceilings is poor sound absorption. Indoor sound pollution;

About Reston's integrated ceiling information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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