How Hardware Wins the Market

Recently, the author visited the hardware business households in the Jianhua hardware market and found that the marketa€?s voice was difficult to do. Many of these business households have been unable to find a way out because they have traditionally expanded their business and lacked innovation in thinking. In this regard, I think the lack of hardware is not the market, but the vision.

Take the moon cake market, with the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it ushered in a glorious period, the size of supermarkets and businesses on the shelves, all kinds of moon cakes competing brilliance. In the environment where people rely on clothing and horses for saddlery, the moon cakes that were traditionally used for food are also contaminated by the addiction of packaging. Because according to the law of consumption, mooncakes without beautiful packaging are not easy to give.

Therefore, some of the mentally-flexible hardware makers put their sights on the "moon cake box" and they all played the "moon cake packaging" banner, earning a full payout through the "moon cake box" business opportunity.

From the analysis of this incident, we will discuss several ways for the hardware to expand its market and tap the business opportunities in the industry.

Selling point 1: Build a cooperation bridge with business community

The banner of "Monolithic Monarch Cakes" is hung at the entrance of the shop. All kinds of moon cakes are displayed on the shelves. There are all kinds of boxes and iron boxes. The moon cake boxes are all beautifully packaged, and there are also small boxes of moon cakes and knives and forks. Together. This is the scene that the author recently visited some hardware packaging stores.

The moon cake box in the shop does not indicate the manufacturer. According to the introduction of the shop owner, the moon cake box is not intended to be a standard manufacturer. It is convenient for some big hotels or regular manufacturers to order back, and it is designed by the advertising designer in the moon cake box. Mark your own brand.

It is reported that moon cake boxes are mainly from Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, because there are no better moon cake box manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. After seeing this lucrative business opportunity, he began operating mooncake box stores while operating hardware packaging. At present, he has received many moon cake box orders from big restaurants.

Analysis of events: As a link in the market industry chain, companies will have upstream and downstream partners. The cooperation between mooncake makers and mooncake box makers is perfect because of the reduction of intermediate processes. Therefore, the business owners and manufacturers of small hardware have established direct cooperative relations with large-scale downstream machinery manufacturers, stably supporting the ordering, so that the hardware can be marketed with no worries.

Selling point two: tap the trend of demand in the consumer market

In the early years, consumers generally preferred face, and Mid-Autumn gifts paid attention to packaging. Although the face off, but caused a large spending compared to the bad influence of a bad gift. Now, with the national policy suppressing luxury packaging, everyone is chasing the trend of a€?self-packing moon cakesa€?.

Mr. Wang took to the moon cake box store on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival and bought several moon cake boxes that were better for him, mainly for relatives. Mr. Wang said that moon cakes in supermarkets or moon cake shops are generally two or three hundred yuan, which is more expensive. If you buy moon cakes at the moon cake shop, it will be more cost-effective to buy a good-looking box. Consumers who bought moon cake boxes on the same day all stated that the moon cakes are generally sold only for packaging, so buying moon cakes and buying the boxes themselves will be more affordable.

Mid-Autumn moon cakes are beautifully packaged and gifts to earn a face. In order to cater to the needs of consumers, many moon cake sellers on the market today will match the sales of moon cake boxes. These hardware packagers divide the moon cake boxes into many grades to suit different consumer groups, and there is a large market for both wholesale and retail sales.

Event Analysis: Market orientation is more and more biased toward the buyer's market. Consumers are God. Everyone knows this. Mooncake box makers, while locking the moon cake maker's big fish, carefully analyzed consumer psychology and dug into business opportunities. Hardware is the most indispensable part of peoplea€?s lives. It should study market trends and introduce new styles, appearances, and usages. If you can familiarize yourself with the consumer market, you can create good economic benefits.

The market economy is the most lacking of opportunities, as long as you are the people of the market and are good at tapping the potential opportunities in the market. Naturally, these hardware packagers will win the market.

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