How does the furniture industry's cold encounter come out of the trough

Recently, the furniture network Xiaobian chats with a boss in the industry. He said that this year's business is obviously difficult to do. The off-season that appeared in July and August in the summer has been reported in advance this year and even in May. This is an individual economic case as a furniture brand industry. What is the economy in the first half of the year from the national level? The domestic GDP growth rate in the first half of the year was 7.4%, and the figures for handing over homework could not cover the weakness of the real economy. Real estate began to show signs of collapse. In the sound of a burst of real estate bubble by experts and scholars, many places announced the cancellation of the purchase restriction order to save the city, including the author's Foshan. In the building materials and home furnishing industry, which is deeply affected by real estate, it is impossible to stay out of the house. The output of the furniture industry increased slightly by 4.3% in the first half of the year, and the development slowed down. In stark contrast to the general growth rates of the three major producing regions of East China, South China and Bohai Rim, the performance of several major provinces and municipalities in the central and western regions is strong. The first thing to do is that Sichuan in the west is growing by 26.42% and Chongqing is growing by 15.g. %, the central part of Hubei increased by 28.81%. Inspired by the a€?Xiongqia€? in the central and western regions, the export strategy was adjusted, the sales strategy was adjusted to the densely populated mainland market, and the sinking to the third- and fourth-grade towns has become a lot of coastal furniture enterprises. Consensus.

Although in the first half of the year, many stores were caught in the "no promotion, no sales" cycle, but for the furniture industry, especially the brand furniture including Barry Bart , A furniture , Bronika furniture , the rigid demand of consumers still exists, The well-positioned, well-respected, and marketing-oriented stores still maintain a steady increase in trading volume. However, at the time of the international financial crisis in 2008, the government sent 4 trillion yuan of a€?reassuring pillsa€? to engage in infrastructure construction. The most directly benefited by the real estate was real estate, which together led the building materials and home industry in the industrial chain. After several years of rapid development, the problem of overcapacity has become more prominent. The distribution of first- and second-tier cities has been too dense. The products in the first- and second-tier cities are highly homogenized. In the face of the cold weather in the real estate industry, consumers are struggling to buy houses and wait and see. Furniture products are more overwhelmed and can't be sold. Of course, the "Matthew effect" is also very obvious during this period. The stronger the stronger, the more moisturized the weaker; the weaker are weaker and even linger.

The number of exhibitions reflects the prosperity of the industry. If the exhibition is too intensive, is it suitable for the furniture industry that has already fallen back? However, from the feedback information of the exhibitions at various exhibitions, the furniture people still have the best embarrassment for the exhibition. Previous studies have shown that the industry-driven coefficient of the convention and exhibition industry is about 1:9, that is, the income in the exhibition hall is 1, and the relevant income is 9, which is a huge driving force for an industrial cluster. Local governments are still very optimistic about the industry-driven effects of the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition is also a low-cost propaganda channel for the furniture industry that is in the process of development, especially the investment of new brands. The Commonwealth Exhibition Industry Association has conducted a survey that yielded the following data: a customer through a general channel such as salesman sales, advertising, public relations, etc., cost about ?£219; and through the exhibition channel, the cost is only ?£35. In contrast, the advantages of the show are obvious. In addition, there is an interesting phenomenon that has always existed, that is, "the market is cold and the exhibition is hot." But with the rise of the Internet, will the show still flourish in the next 10 years? The 3D Experience Pavilion launched by GO Jiaju Platform just fills the Internet vacancy. Let people also visit the furniture building mall at home.

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