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The original price of 4960 yuan bath price 3080 yuan, offers nearly two thousand dollars; function, material similar to two different brands of bathtubs in different stores, the price difference of nearly 10,000 yuan. How deep is the price of water in the sanitary ware market?

When reporters visited several home markets in Jinan today, they found that the prices of some products in the sanitary ware market were imaginary and suspended, making it difficult for people to understand how deep a€?watera€? was. The reporter saw somewhere two toilets on sale are marked with "original price of 1160 yuan, current price of 660 yuan" and "original price of 1380 yuan, current price of 790 yuan," discount rate of nearly 50%.

Some similar products have near-far different prices in different stores. In a sanitary ware store, an acrylic surf massage bathtub costs 19,185 yuan. In another store, the reporter found that a bathtub with a similar material and function was only 7,660 yuan. In addition, no matter what store, as long as the opening asks, the sales staff will tell you that the actual sale price of the product is 10%, 20% or even lower, but no one store clearly identifies the discount.

According to industry sources, the "water" in the sanitary ware industry is very deep. Consumers who do not understand the market can easily be "fudged" by businesses. Different wares have little difference in texture, basic functions, etc. The main reasons for the price difference are the color, the ease of mold making, the old and new styles, and so on. And the brand is also very important, some brand-name products seem to be the same as ordinary products, but in key parts, installation, warranty, etc. are still very different. To take advantage of this, some businesses, especially small and medium-sized branded products, often resort to false prices and then discounted sales.

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