Home water and electricity decoration steps and four quotation methods

Water and electricity decoration is one of the key points in home decoration. Although the entire renovation process is carried out by the decoration company, we still need to understand some of the family water and electricity decoration knowledge in order to avoid being decorated by the decoration company and give it to the family. Life brings security risks. Next, let's take a look at the family's water-renovation steps, as well as the family's four ways of quoting water and electricity.

Family water and electricity renovation steps

Steps: 1 slot

First play the line, then slot. Slotting of pipelines must be parallel lines and vertical lines according to requirements (better if there is a comparison of construction plans for hydropower projects). Pipes that are to be routed in parallel must be controlled at a height of 60-90 centimeters (counting from the ground). Pipes with faucets must be vertical.

Step 2: Install

The pipeline is divided into cold water pipes and hot water pipes. Hidden pipes eliminate the use of galvanized iron pipes. First of all, through the construction plan construction personnel and the owner to discuss the location and use of water functions. Arrange the water master to drain and install all taps and water positions. If there is a construction drawing, it can be arranged according to the construction drawing. If there is no complete drawing, the owner can communicate with the owner to increase the location of the water use function.

Step 3: Inspection

Water pipeline inspection is very important, and it is related to future water safety hidden troubles. We usually use pressure testing to do pipeline inspections. Pressure test is one of the ways to check leaks in pipelines. The plug is used to block all internal wires. Use pressure gauges (home improvement 6-8 kg) to test water. Check all pipe fittings after pressure. The second method is to open the floodgates for two days and two nights, and check all joints on the third day. Take the former method normally.

Step 4: Waterproof

After the installation of the water pipeline, all the trunks of the bathroom shall be mixed and sealed with cement and sand (the floor of the bathroom and the kitchen should not be grooved as far as possible). After the trunking and the ground are dry, clean the floor and the wall again. The wall surface can be water-dried, and the wall surface should be waterproof for more than 80cm. If there is a furniture wall on the back of the kitchen wall, it must be full of walls. Plays a damp-proof role for furniture. The first time to enter the venue to do waterproofing is to be able to determine that the ground will not leak. After the pipeline is installed, the wall and floor will be re-doed once again to make the floor and wall more effective in waterproof protection. In the acceptance of hydropower projects, it must be tested whether the waterproof is qualified.


Step 5: Circuit Slotting

After negotiating with the owner on the functions and requirements of using the electricity, he should make a connection with the master electrician and make the parallel and vertical lines to be slotted. Place the switch socket box. The socket is slotted 40 cm from the ground, the hanging air conditioning socket is slotted 2.2 meters from the ground, and the switch is slotted from the ground 1.2-1.4 meters. The bottom of the switch socket is installed and the horizontal line is to be slotted. The kitchen and bathroom rooms must be slotted according to the designed function. Coincidence must have a lock.

Step 6: Circuit Wiring

2.5-6 square meters above normal home copper wire, 16mm above the line tube. Strong and weak wires and ducts should be separated. The requirements for strong and weak power cables are 30 cm apart at the bottom of the limit, and the air-conditioning sockets are dedicated to groups of wires of more than 6 square meters, electrical sockets are dedicated to 4 square meters, and switches are grouped with more than 2.5 square meters. The air conditioning line group is more than 2 meters away from the ground. The ground wire of the electric wire group, the switch and the top line of the wall of the lamp line group. The bottom of the switch socket must be installed horizontally and vertically so that the rear panel installation will be evener.

Home hydropower renovation offer

There are four ways to offer home decoration hydropower: quoted by meters, quoted by square meters, quoted by item/bit, and quoted by pure manual.

The a€?quote by metera€? price quoted by the home utility is the most widely used one. Many home improvement companies use this form of quotation. According to this method, the home improvement company will quote the unit price of the waterway reconstruction and strength and weakness circuit reform in terms of how much money per meter. Then make a final settlement according to the unit price on the quotation and the actual use of the project. That is, after the completion of the renovation of the water circuit, fees are collected after the workload has been measured and verified.

The quotation of a€?home building area by square metera€? is the method used by large companies. Its calculation method is relatively simple, that is, all labor, materials, etc. are all integrated and quoted in the amount of money per square meter. The total cost of a complete set of water circuit conversion = cost per square meter ?— actual measured building area. However, the quotes in the market are different. It is understood that the workers with poorer craft are about 75 yuan per square meter. Some decoration companies, if installed according to national standards, are about 100 yuan per square meter, and the market is usually about 80 yuan per square meter.


The a€?quote/bit quotea€? of the home water and electricity decoration offer is a kind of quotation method based on the difference in the type of the house and the area. An average calculation is made for each a€?itema€? or equivalent number of water and electricity costs of the switch, and the external quotation is unified. At present, the market price is about RMB 75 per person, and there are about 80 rooms in the three-bedroom and two-room.

The quotation of a€?home-made by handa€? is a convenient method for many workers to choose from, which is based on the half-package method. For example, the common market price is 18 yuan / square meter, if you include slotting, cement mortar, decoration companies generally ask 35 yuan / square meter. In general, according to the restaurant, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen room and balcony, the price of water in each functional area varies, and the price of each room varies. In order to make the calculation more transparent, enterprises that usually use quotation quotations will also cooperate with the method of quoting by meters to derive a hybrid quoting method.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of knowledge about the household water-renovation procedure and quotation method. I hope to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

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