Henan Luoyang winter gloves to sanitation workers

A few days ago, Luoyang City Federation of Trade Unions and Zhongmai Group held a winter labor insurance release at the intersection of Wangcheng Avenue and Daobei Third Road and a new labor service station affair was added to Luoyang City Federation of Trade Unions. 1500 sets of labor insurance products were distributed to the West Work Area. Sanitation workers. "Everyone has a pair of gloves, an ear warmer, a tube of hand cream, a bottle of bruises, and so many things are very real. It is very useful to us." Zhui Aiying, a sanitation worker, told reporters with the items he had just received. .

Received hand cream, fall medicine, sanitation workers from the mouth

a€?It was said that we would give us winter labor insurance supplies today. I did not expect such a large bag. Even the damage-reducing drugs were taken into account.a€? Uncle Zhang, the sanitation worker, said happily that they started cleaning the streets every morning at 6 o'clock. It was very cold at that time. Although wearing gloves, there was frostbite on the hands every year. It will only be good in April next year. The hand cream I received this time was very good for protecting my hands. "I have already had ice on the road in the morning. When I smashed the ground three days ago, I accidentally fell and bumped my knee. Now it's not convenient to walk. I just got a bottle of drugs today and I cleaned up and returned home. Use it," said Uncle Zhang.

"Others provide us with convenience

We give back to everyone tidy."

At the distribution site, some sanitation workers quickly put on gloves. "The gloves are warm, and winter is particularly wasteful with gloves. Now you don't have to worry about having frostbite in your hands and ears." Two or three sanitation workers discussed together.

a€?The Pearl of Zhongmai King City (real estate project developed by Zhongmai Group) is also convenient for us. Whenever we are in the uniform, we can rest in the inside and have hot water. We are very grateful to them. Every time we sweep the floor here, everyone is particularly hard-working and particularly serious. Others have provided us with convenience. The only thing we can do is to do our job well and clean their environment,a€? said Zhu Aiying, a sanitation worker, with a smile.

Other outdoor staff will also receive labor insurance products

a€?Outdoor workers are very hard. They are silently serving us. Their actions have moved us. Next, we will issue labor insurance for outdoor policemen, traffic police, couriers, migrant workers and other workers, and continue to 93. The laborers' station is under detailed management to make it normal. If the conditions are better, it will be equipped with a microwave oven, tables and chairs, etc. It can provide the sanitation workers with hot meals and a warm place to rest.a€? The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions said that this The newly-increased three laborers' stations are respectively located at the intersection of Wangcheng Avenue and Jiudu Road in Xigong District of Luoyang City, Zhongmai Hongfang, the intersection of Longhua West Road, Guanlin Road and Longhe West Road, and the intersection of Wangcheng Avenue and Daobei Road. The bead of the king of the city. At present, there are already 93 workers in Luoyang City.

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