Healthy piglet breeding: nutrient feed regulation technology and application

Researcher Zhang Hongfu led a research team composed of experts from Nanjing Agricultural University and Beijing Dabei Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. for the rapid development of China's pig industry from traditional to modern farming. With the support of local science and technology research and natural fund projects, it has been 18 years since the system to study the feeding system and feeding mode, physiological stress and its causes, Raw Material nutrition and anti-nutritional characteristics, nutrient demand, intestinal health and micro-ecology. Beginning with multi-disciplinary integration, the physiological effects of different weaning age piglet feeding patterns were systematically studied for the first time. The characteristics of China's resources, scale and moderate scale piglets were suitable for weaning ages of 21 to 32 days; systematically studied Important parameters such as energy, protein and amino acid fill the dEB value and the acidity parameter gap of the piglet diet, and created a new acidity model and a new method for coupling the acidity and dEB value in the diet. Systematic, dietary acidity model and regulation have reached international leading level; It has the characteristics of domestically produced raw materials, no homologous animal protein, good palatability, low stress response, less food-feeding and secondary diarrhea in piglets, and adapts to the needs of different users. The number of piglets raised on the farm increased by 1.2 to 1.5 heads per litter. 7Bm China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

The results have promoted the production of 9.12 million tons of dairy pig compound feed, 680,000 tons of premix, 35,000 tons of additives, sales revenue of 43.5 billion, and profits and taxes of more than 6 billion yuan in 253 feed mills of 62 enterprises (groups) across the country. The indirect economic benefits of pig farmers were 20.51 billion yuan, which promoted the determination of the main position of domestic feed enterprises in the production of piglets and achieved significant economic and social benefits. 7Bm China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

The results published more than 80 research papers and published 2 books. He has won 4 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, 5 authorized patents, and 1 national standard; 2 new feed additive certificates and 5 national and provincial key science and technology new products. 7Bm China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

Chemical fertilizers are synthetic substances that provide the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth and development. Chemical fertilizers combine synthetic forms of the primary macronutrients for plants such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as a variety of micronutrients and additives. Synthetically developed fertilizers provide the benefit of having more nutrients per pound than organic fertilizers, thus reducing costs. Chemical fertilizers have many uses for the average gardener and homeowner, as well as for commercial use.

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