Guizhou: New building materials boost new urbanization with mountain characteristics

In recent years, with the development of Guizhou's new mountainous urbanization and the growth of new building materials, Guizhou's Facebook has been given more connotation of green development.

It is understood that in order to reduce the dust on-site construction, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has already banned concrete on-site mixing and switched to ready-mixed concrete. As a county with more than 900,000 people, Zunyi County has seriously promoted the building energy conservation and the promotion of new building materials in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Office.

With new building materials, the building is energy efficient and meets national energy conservation and environmental standards. Yu Shengxi, deputy director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Zunyi County, said in an interview that at present, around the development of the most beautiful pastoral area in the ancient county of Zunyi, Zunyia€?s construction projects in the county have all banned solid shale bricks and solid clay bricks. The implementation rate of energy-saving design reached 100%. At the same time, make full use of solar energy resources, implement centralized heating projects for some schools and hospitals, and implement decentralized heating projects for new residential buildings in northern Fujian in 2012.

In recent years, Guizhou has promoted the development of new urbanization with mountain characteristics as the main line, and vigorously developed the mountainous architecture known as Guizhou's Facebook. Through mountain planning, mountain design, mountain building materials and mountain construction, it has created characteristics that are in line with Guizhou's mountain features and inheriting colorful national culture. Symbol, the current urbanization rate in Guizhou has reached 42%.

Compared with traditional red bricks, the shale hollow bricks promoted by the village head are cheap, heat-insulated and soundproof. The 67-year-old He Chongxiao, a villager from Walnut Dam Village in Meitan County, said that the walnut dam tea ecological culture park built with new building materials is not only a famous tourist attraction of tea gardens, but also a home for the villagers to live in daily life.

Walnut Dam Village is located in the tea city of Litan. It has the reputation of the first village of ecological tea in western China, and the quality of tea depends on a good ecological environment. Many years ago, there were more than 10 traditional old-fashioned brick kilns in the village of Walnut Dam, which not only damaged the ecological environment, but also caused the rolling dust generated by the clay bricks to cause harm to the healthy growth of the tea.

To this end, the village of Walnut Dam made a choice with practical actions. Since 2006, under the guidance of the county, all the old brick kilns have been shut down within one year. Chen Tingming, a branch secretary of the village of Walnut, said. Now, not only the villagers use new building materials, but also the sidewalks of the towns of the towns of the towns and the towns of the county, all of which have laid new bricks.

According to statistics, the Walnut Dam Tea Ecological Culture Park, which was planned to be built in 2006, has only nearly 70,000 tourists in 2014. Many tourists come to the name of organic green tea.

Relevant experts believe that Guizhou combines history, culture, humanities, geography, ethnicity, customs, nature, resources and other realities, is actively exploring a mountain road with urban characteristics that is in line with reality, depicting a piece of Guizhou face, creating a huge release Green homes with ecological dividends. (??‘?·3???è?‰)


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